• Hairdressing pioneers : the Carita sisters, or the charity of  beauty
  • Hairdressing pioneers : the Carita sisters, or the charity of beauty

  • " Carita, what a nice name. It means beauty and charity, and you, you are charity of beauty " that is what the Pope Pie WII said to Maria Carita during a congress in Rome, according to the famous sister grandniece,  Marie-Josée Carita.   The Carita sisters, Maria the blond, Rosy the brunette, were born respectively in 1911 and 1914 in France. The 14 years old Maria decided to become a hairdresser and start her learning in a salon in Toulouse. Rosy wanted to do the same, and a year later, they opened their first salon in a former butcher's shop in Toulouse. In 1943, after their mother's death, the sister went to Paris and moved in  the number 11 of the same street with the hairdresser Alexandre, and became the first women hairdresser in Paris. They invented the " Beauty global " concept, gathering several techniques in the same salon. Five years later, Maria et Rosy opened an aestheticism school n°14 Faubourg St Honoré street, to teach the art of beauty and hairdressing. At the same time, they launched their own range of skin and hair care products, that were very successful.  

    The family got bigger

    In 1957, the « beauty contractor» as the sisters called themselves, welcomed in their business their nephew Christophe, who had the same dream his aunts had. Ten years later, the three Carita began to offer their services to men, in their Parisian salon " CARITA Monsieur ", as well as famous people from the cinema, photography, the media, etc. Celebrities such as Catherine Deneuve, Mireille Darc, Sylvie Vartan, Mireille Mathieu, or Claude François had found their happiness at the Carita's.   After the sisters death in 1978 and 1983, " Maisons de Beauté Carita " appeared all around France and at international level too. The sisters succeed in imposing themselves as " Haute Hairdressing " pioneers, revolutionising the aesthetic world. Today, the Carita brand is still one of the most important brand on the beauty market.   Laureline Siguret for LiveCoiffure.com ►Discover the episode 1 of our dossier "scalp and hair": Antoine de París ► Discover the episode 2 of our dossier "scalp and hair" : Alexandre de París Discover the episode 4 of our dossier "scalp and hair"Vidal Sassoon © CARITA


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