• The 2013 Evian's hairdressing festival (France)

  • Everywhere in the world, hairdressers gather during professional salons where are presented new products and fashions. On April 14th, the city of Evian welcomed the hairdressing festival. Interview with Jean-Marc Soria, communication manager of this event.   For how long hairdressing events have been organised in Evian ? Jean-Marc Soria : The International Hairdressing Festival in the rives du Léman dates from 1960, which means 53 years of events and satisfaction for a large number of professionals. Our public likes this festival for its conviviality and our guests' expertise.   Why did you choose that place? JMS : The festivities palace is for us a mythic hall with three storeys and a U-shaped hall that allows the public to be closer to the scene. Which is of course amazing if you want to admire the works and be inspired by the bests' skills.   Festival d'Evian- What is this event about ? JMS : Hairdressing competitions for the candidates who come from the Rhône-Alpes region in particular but also for those who come from all over France. This is a real Battle that highlights this exciting profession. A great opening for hairdressers and uninitiated to discover this beautiful profession.    What are hairdressers looking for in those events? JMS : Hairdressers come to found ideas, to be inspired and to use this inspiration in their salons. A simple principle is to propose in their hair salons what inspired them the most and also respond to their clients need for novelties. Hairdressers need to get out of their comfort zone and inform themselves, innovate, improve themselves. On the other hand, uninitiated who assist to those events discover and appreciate the job's technique. This is what they are looking for in Evian.   Who are the hairdressers on stage ? JMS : Since 1960, The Evian Festival is a real talent pool. World, Europe and France champions. For example, were present to competition and shows : Nicolas Christ, Pascal Roussel, Eric Zemmour, Sébastien Bourret, Pierre Chavat, yourself -he laughs- Christine Margossian, Joris Davoine, Jérôme Guezou, Guilaume Flanchet, Maurice Melone, and others… For many years we have had the pleasure to welcome them and it has been great. Today, with Internet, Facebook and other social networks, the French Touch is in every continent!   Thanks to Jean-Marc and see you next year for a new hairdressing festival. Photos : David Poirot   Christine Margossian for liveCoiffure.com


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