• The Brazilian women and their hair: a huge market
  • The Brazilian women and their hair: a huge market

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    In Brazil, women have amazing hair. The material is often flexible and curly, the hair is long. The hot and humid climate favors the afro hairstyles. That’s why, all everything which is linked to that type of hair, care, braids, hair straightening, extensions, are part of the daily work of the hairdressing salons in Rio !
    Christine Margossian


    In reality, the Brazilian hair is an Indian hair but thicker than the average. Indeed, they have the famous softness of the Indian hair but with thickness. Largely situated in a tropical zone, Brazil has high temperatures and a humid climate which is a good thing for the afro style but only that.
    Brazilian women pay special attention to their hair. A few of them reveal their budget regarding hair care products.
    It’s no big deal, figures speak for themselves… Brazil was since 2011 considered like the second consumer world market regarding the hair care products just after the United States. But the hair business in Brazil is also the result of a culture giving importance to beauty, associated to a great variety of hair types, eight in total, due to a high interbreeding. The whole thing boosted by the emergence of a middle-class which love cosmetics products.

    For most of the Brazilian women, having beautiful hair is a symbol of seduction and femininity even more important than body care products. Among most surprising data, you can find the time they spent for the care of their hair: it is reported to be about between 20 and 35 minutes every day. Nothing better for the cosmetics brands to rub their hands and to establish there research and development lab. A real of inspiration to create new products and services like the famous Brazilian hair straightening.

    The Brazilian women’s demand or the world reference of the hair care standards !


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