• 5 tricks to make your hair color last
  • 5 tricks to make your hair color last

  • You were so happy leaving the hairdresser. Blond/red/brown/pastel pink, perfect ! For the first shampoo, you it seems that the shower is more colored than your hair. How to make your hair color last? We have a few tricks which could be useful...

    Marie Signoret

  • 1. Before

    If you want that your pigments last, it is better to have healthy hair ! So, 15 days before the big day at your hairdresser's, don’t beat around the bush and ask for masks and other hydrating hair cares. That way, you will not have porous hair and so the hair color will last. The plus trick : don’t wash your hair the day before or 2 days before your hair color, the hair mustn't be too clean.


    2. Less shampoos

    If you are used to wash your hair every morning, better staying in bed 10 more minutes. If you have to much shampoos, you might damage your hair color. The big culprit? Hard water. You just need to rinse your hair with spring water. Unless you manage to do less shampoos. More realistic. Finally, remember to user a rinsing vinegar. The latter will make your hair shiny but also your hair color will not be dull anymore.


    3. Adapted products

    Treat your hair with care. And this starts with the shampoo : Choose a mild shampoo and adapted to your colored hair. Then, use a conditioner also adapted to your colored hair. That way, you will help the hair fiber to remain strong and these precious pigments to stay. Rinse well, the residues of the conditioner could make your hair heavy and dull.

    Once a week, apply a mask. The colored hair is weaken so you have to hydrate and spoil it.


    4. Sun and chlorine

    Admittedly, this is not the season... But for those who go a lot to the swimming pool at any time of the year and those who decided to go in the sun for the festive season : Mind the sun and the chlorine. Don’t forget your protective hair care to avoid having an oxidized hair color.


    5. Pigmenting again

    Before having another hair color, we have a joker card for you : the hair color boosters. Obviously, they don’t replace a hair color and will not change your hair tone but in record time, they can revive your hair color.

    That way, with Franck Provost, with the range « Couleurs précieuses », you choose yours : hair color booster Balayage 2 or for blond hair, cashmere dark for the brunettes, venetian amber for the red hair. 3 minutes, shine is back !


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