• 6 tips for a beautiful beard
  • 6 tips for a beautiful beard

  • 6 tips for a beautiful beard
  • According to a survey - not scientific at all -, it would appear that men with beard are sexier than men without beard. This says it all. However, the beard is not so easy on a daily basis. Fortunately, Livecoiffure.com has some tricks up its sleeve for a happy beard !

    Marie  Signoret

  • Being patient
    Good hair comes to those who wait ! A beautiful thick beard does not happen over night. The day you decide to have a beard, you will need to wait between 4 and 6 weeks before thinking about a certain size, the time to leave your hairs - which don’ grow up at the same speed - reach a critical length.


    By dint of leaving your beard everywhere… Between the rests of your meals, the sebum and other things, your beard deserves to be cleaned from time to time. At least three times a week !
    Avoid to use the shower soap or even your shampoo - the hairs are more brittle than the hair -, your beard deserves a beard shampoo like those of Ma Belle Barbe, organic and adapted to different kind of beards - for greasy, dense or dry hairs.

    Finally, after washing your beard, dry it carefully tapping on your face with a towel - a bit of softness is always welcomed, and this makes an end to the ungraceful frizz of the beard.

    And yes, like Laura Ingalls in Little House on the Prairie, you will have to brush your beard every day. For that, you need a comb - a horn comb will be perfect, better than a plastic comb which produces static electricity. A regular brushing will give your beard a beautiful shape, a smooth texture - not to mention that the brushing will stimulate your blood circulation. So ? Laura Ingalls !

    You moisturize the skin of your face - if you don’t please do it ! -, why not thinking about your beard ? Every morning, use your favorite beard oil - there are the organic oils by Ma Belle Barbe that you choose according to your type of beard or even the beard oil by Gentleman Barbier. A few drops a day, rub then massage carefully your beard. You will have the soft and silky hairs, I promise.


    Taking care of your skin
    We tend to forget but under the beard you have your skin ! Well, for a healthy beard, it is better to start caring of your skin ! Hydrate your skin every day.
    And once a week, exfoliate your skin to remove the dead bad cells which will block your pores and will prevent your beautiful hairs to correctly grow up.


    We follow the advice of Sofiane Zahzouh, co-funder and actual president of Ma Belle Barbe : “ regularly cutting your beard and your mustache to keep an homogeneous shape “ Let’s remember one of his other pieces of advice : “ accepting your beard as it is, it is the best way to feel well and not to neglect it. “

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