• 8 mars - journée de la femme
  • 8 March: a day for us

  • While the UN celebrates International Women’s Day, the French state pays tribute to Women’s rights. Livecoiffure and its editors chose Women’s rights. Why? Because women’s rights are about diversity. Each woman has the right to be different.

    Caroline Amaury

  • Of course, our thoughts go for those who fought and who keep fighting for equality. This battle is far from being won in some countries. Sometimes, our rights are even on the decline. In Europe, each of us must be vigilant.

    In the other hand, this is not like Mother's Day. Let’s forget the commercial bunch of flowers from the boss or the lover. It is not a day for flattery.

    For us, this is a day when we have to think of ourselves. To remain vigilant about how the look on us. Preaching the return to gallantry which rhymes with manners. This day also reveals sexist men who dare to make ironic and cynic jokes.

  • That's why, during this day we try to think of ourselves. We spoil ourselves, we forget the everyday household tasks.

    Menu: warm bath, a mask, a blow-dry. In short, enjoy ourselves. Let's forget the ironing, the groceries… This day is ours and this is our right.

    We want to thank all these women who highlight us thanks to their creativity and their know-how: Laetitia Guenaou, Christine Margossian, Nadia Bouchikhi, La Barbière de ParisBéata Bourillon, Almène Exquis, Marlène Bérard, Francine Ladrière, Maria Rosa Salemi,  Vania LaporteSophie Bauçais, Murielle Kabile

    Happy women's day !


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