• A new pleasure to cut the hair with the scissors Exthand!
  • A new pleasure to cut the hair with the scissors Exthand!

  • You are a hairdressing professional and in the end of the day you are exhausted because of pains resulting from your scissors? Don't hesitate anymore and go and buy scissors Exthand, adapted to your hands which will not make you suffer anymore. We tell you everything on this material which revolutionizes the working comfort.

    Sara Svati

  • A new pleasure to cut the hair with the scissors Exthand!
  • Origin

    The scissors Exthand were invented by an ergo-designer named Julien Gandon. Several members of his family was working in the hairdressing world and were always complaining about pains in the hands, wrist and shoulder, manipulating a pair of scissors all day long.
    This is when the concept of the scissors Exthand was created. This product enables to combine the practical, ergonomic and medical side with an innovative design. To achieve his project, it took years of investigations and collaboration with health professionals, hairdressing professionals and persons specialized in the observation of gestures.


    What is the difference with classic hairdressing scissors?

    It is very simple, this is the only pair of scissors for hairdressing professionals  which says bye bye to the finger rings: the movement are then fluider with fingers free to perform any haircut techniques. The grips are made of silicon for a maximum of comfort, they facilitate the gestures even more naturally. The design is designed to mold the fingers.
    They facilitate the cut as if the scissors were sliding on the hair. The hairdressers are delighted with this new way of working , easier and more pleasant.

  • A new pleasure to cut the hair with the scissors Exthand!
  • Innovation and design 

    The scissors Exthand are THE solution to the musculoskeletal disorders( MSD ).
    They represent more than the half of the professional hairdressing diseases. The fact of working standing all day long using a traditional pair of scissorsforces the hairdresser to have uncomfortable positions and to repeat movements of the arm which damage the shoulder. 86% of professional diseases are due to MSD.


    Apart from being totally new on the market, the design of the scissors Exthand is 100% customizable. Indeed, the grips are interchangeable and can be found in several colors like blue, white, red, purple… a little bonus fun to have a complete unique material and which goes with the colors of your hairdressing salon! The quality of the blade is also exchangeable. To finalize your own pair of scissors, the “Charm” is removable and can be replaced by a moustache, a skull, a crystal…to transform your tool in a real little jewel!


    So, Ladies and Gentlemen, what do you think about it and when do you fall for it?

  • A new pleasure to cut the hair with the scissors Exthand!
  • Confort et ergonomie au service de la coupe
  • Comparatif avec ciseaux classiques


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