• Affirm your style with Hair Metal!

  • The new hair trend is Hair Metal! If you opt for this style, you will not go unnoticed but you will have to be patient.

    Daphné Malan

  • After having revealed the surprising colors of 2017 Spring-Summer, today, we’ll be focusing on a new hair trend: Hair Metal.

    The #HairMetal trend

    The Hair Metal trend crossed the Channel. The idea is to add rings and other metallic accessories to your hairstyles. Often combined with braided hairstyles, like the boxers braids, these small rings will hold longer.

    Other hairdressers worked on this style in a different way by mixing the hairstyles and by playing with the size and the choice of the accessories.

  • David Di Bartolo opted for a very beautiful curly glamour hairstyle.  The tousled-styled bun by Nicolas Christ is raised with finesse by these metallic rings. As for Jérome Guézou, he proposes a bun with a wet effect.

    The Maison Gérard Laurent juggles with the size of the rings and added metallic combs to exagerate the style. Even men can play with this trend!

    Laetitia Guenaou proposes a beautiful tie with triangular metallic accessories while Denis Holbecq opts for metallic spiral bindings. To finish, the hairdressers Eric & Laurent worked on this trend with a tousled-styled version to wear on short or long hair.

    You will impress your friends with the Hair Metal trend!


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