• Kerastase Hair Coach Powered by Withings
  • All connected thanks to the Kérastase brush

  • A world innovation awarded during the Consumer Electronics Show(CES) in Las Vegas! The L’Oréal group and the luxury brand Kérastase focused on a new technology enabling to collect precise information about the hair thanks to a connection between your  Hair Coach brush and your smartphone!

    Daphné Malan

  • Innovations keep flourishing on the technology market. A few months ago, we presented you, the revolutionary Dyson Supersonic hairdryer. Today, this is the turn of Hair Coach 2017, a cutting edge technology at the service of your hair!


    Analyzing the health of your hair with a brush

    To create this unavoidable future, l’Oréal got into partnership with the French start-up Withings to launch their first connected brush! This innovation is surprising and very well thought.

    The brush Hair Coach with an harmonious design was born under the brand Kérastase. Composed of sensors in order to evaluate the health of your hair, it is aimed to monitor the quality of your daily brushing. This brush is connected to your smartphone in order to collect precious data about your hair! Revolutionary, isn’t it?


  • Hair analysis

    The dryness of your hair, the bad health of the cuticles, the resistance of your hair and how tangled the hair is can all be measured by sensors inserted in the Hair Coach brush by Kérastase. All this information is then precisely analyzed in order to enable you better understand and use the Kérastase products adapted to your hair.


    Quality of the brushing

    Maybe your brushing technique is not adapted to the health of your hair. The way you brush your hair is very important. If you adopt a fast rhythm or sudden movements and if you brush your hair too often, you must know that all these factors should be taken seriously. Hair Coach by Kérastase can provide you precise, personalized and adapted hair advice so you can improve your brushing habits.

    A home coach?

    Who has never dreamed about a personal trainer at home? Let's be modern! You just need to connect your phone to Bluetooth® Low Energy or Wi-Fi, the application is compatible with iOS and Android.

    In order to collect the precious data, just brush your hair and the process will start! Like a football coach, you will receive the hair cares in order to remedy different identified problems. The application even takes into account the meteorological factors like humidity, temperature, UV, wind which often influence the brushing.
    Commercialized by the end of this year, the Hair Coach brush powered by Withings will be proposed in Kérastase hairdressing salons and on the Internet for about 200 €.
    Will the client not need to go the their favorite hairdresser anymore for advice?


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