• Autumn series : Better hair episode 1
  • Autumn series : Better hair episode 1

  • Autumn series : Better hair episode 1
  • This is a fact : regarding the beauty care products, the hair care is the one taking most of the time - around 90 minutes per week, shampoo, hair care, texturizing products, blow dry – for 25% of women dissatisfied of their hair.
    For that, Livecoiffure suggests you three episodes to learn how to make it beautiful. That way, we will see together how to vitalize fine hair, to master rebellious hair and finally to lighten thick hair.

    Christine Margossian


    Fine hair looks always fragile and flat ! To make it thicker there are several professional tips and tricks, a real challenge !


    Everything happens already during that step. You need a washing product which makes your hair fiber denser. And the new shampoos are rich in flax fibers, wheat proteins which cover your hair with an invisible film with boosting effect. The texture is stronger without being rigid, it is also lighter especially at the level of the roots.

    Hair care

    The researches resulted in hair cares which don’t make the hair heavy. All the contrary, they give consistence. How ? Thanks to molecules (intra- cylane) which, in contact with wet hair will make it...inflate ! Furthermore, the effect gets bigger application after application to thick the texture.


    Choose mid-length or short haircuts. The shapes are very layered bobs or very rounded bob. Regarding the hairstyle, you can use a spray on the roots to optimize the detachment of roots and the duration of the blow dry. Other trick, dry very well the hair 90% before using a brush to win volume. Working on wet hair weights the result down.

    Hair color

    For a denser optical effect, you can darken of one tone (max) your natural base and for the volume effect, adding touches of light respecting the rules of the color contouring.

    Hair extensions

    And why not adding a few strands of hair extensions to thick a haircut base. In the case of fine hair, this add happens generally in the neck so one can’t see it. This solution makes the hair thicker and you can see it !

  • Thin hair

  • Range for fine hair


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