• Back on the Intercoiffure France’s show at the Beauté Sélection in Nantes

  • “Intercoiffure France is primarily an artistic image, represented by famous names of the profession who chose to group together and to share their passion. We put forward the excellence of our training courses, the conviviality between members, the certification label Intercoiffure France, recognized by the public as a sign of quality”. Jacques Fournillon

  • Nicolas Goudeau
  • Intercoiffure for them

  • François Mazeau: This is the convergence of know-how, result of all the members from different regions, of different age, cultures and origins. Be part of a group is an opportunity that hairdressers don't seize anymore and which enables to find the talents of tomorrow.

    Pascal Thénard: For me, Intercoiffure France represents the “haute coiffure” (high hairdressing) taking inspiration from the knowledge of different outside experts so they can use these techniques in salons or during training courses.


    David Suquet: Intercoiffure France represents a club, an association of several hairdressers from different regions who respect each other. We share ideas, visions in order to take into account the new trends and services. As for me, the artistic side of the photos of the collections and the photos of fashion shows and hairdressing shows are an open invitation to all of those who want to exchange ideas.

    Nicolas Goudeau: This is an association of high-end and independent hairdressers. The training courses and the tools designed for the members is a real advantage to enable everybody to stand out in this very competitive profession. Everybody keeps their identity by sharing their know-how with others. We shine in the hairdressing world thanks to Guillaume France’s Foundation where I am proud to say I am the artistic director. I train very talented young people who want to succeed.

    Yohann Jouvanceau: Intercoiffure France represents the opportunity to exchange ideas, to meet with hairdressers from all other France in order to share our ideas, our projects. We learn more from different partners. Also, we like getting together during fashion shows, fashion events like the Who's Next or the Fashion Week especially "la galette des rois"  in the Maison des Nations to present the new collections with all the members of Intercoiffure France.

  • François Mazeau
  • What was the inspiration of their creations for "Shiny Copper” show?

  • François Mazeau: The combination of several researches on the color, shape, haircut volume trends felt by each actor of the creation group.

    The collections are the result. Shiny Copper, the new collection which presents a fluid and committed line illustrating a new aesthetics and commercial direction.


    Pascal Thénard: The ideas come from the exchange with my creator friends of the artistic team but also from an individual investigative work and from the clothing trends combined with our sensitivity and our creativity.


    David Suquet: François Mazeau, our artistic director gives us a common line to be in harmony with the other artistic members of the team. Each one can then express their creativity. As for me, for the stage, I planned to make a con bun with recycled hair from the salon especially created for this occasion.

    Nicolas Goudeau: We wanted to revisit classic hairstyles so each of us can stand out with a hair movement or a hair treatment. This is a very pure and commercial line with a real method of haircut in order to acquire a technique and use it in our salons to gain speed and precision without doing too much. Chic and modern.

    Yohann Jouvanceau: Beforehand, we worked with the artistic team of Intercoiffure France on the ideas of each member: interpretation and perception of the current and future trends so the creations can be commercialized with a modern and dynamic effect designed after Intercoiffure. We shared our personal visions in order to come to an agreement so we can show - with the precious help of the artistic director François Mazeau - "Shiny Cooper"’s main thrust.

  • Yohann Jouvanceau
  • Pascal Thénard
  • The specialties of the 5 hairdressers present on the stage of Beauté Sélection in Nantes

  • François Mazeau: Yohan jouvenceau is the French finalist of the Trend Wision Wella Professional: know-how and originality.  Nicolas Goudeau is the artistic director of Fondation Guillaume: precision and speed. David Suquet is the winner of Trend Vision 2012:   perseverance and great dexterity. Pascal Thenard is an artistic partner for Wella Professionals: solidarity and intuition.

    Pascal Thénard: There are 5 hairdressers creators. As for me, during this show, I created an eccentric bun “Androgynous” based on the base made with hair extensions and wigs.

    David Suquet: To know the 4 other hairdressers I work with, I know that that their specialty is the love for their profession, the creativity, the team spirit and the desire to represent Intercoiffure France despite our different career, our salons and our personal ambitions.

    Nicolas Goudeau: I am always looking for new trends regarding the treatment of the material and the volumes. I mainly define myself as an image consultant for women by making sure that the hairstyle is an integral part of their silhouettes. I work in different fields so I can use different techniques in order to create the perfect look for everyone.

    Yohann Jouvanceau: The specialties of each hairdresser that you can see during Beauté Sélection in Nantes are their passion for creation, for the artistic side that they develop in their salon but also to enhance our profession and Intercoiffure France’s collections. A specific vision of the haircut and hairstyle lines combined with an exceptional presence on stage to highlight what is developed all year long during different performances.

  • David Suquet
  • The message transmitted through this show

  • François Mazeau: When there are many of us, we are stronger. Joining a group to not being alone anymore. Exchanging with other people, hairdressing lovers too.

    Pascal Thénard: I was talking about construction earlier, like an architect: building an imaginary world during a dream that would come true.

    David Suquet: As for me, my work was focused on a voluminous cone bun made of recycled, dried, cut and assembled hair. The message is that with nothing one can make whatever they want. It was the first time that I participated to a common show and I know that Intercoiffure France has bright days ahead.

    Nicolas Goudeau: More than a message, we wanted to transmit an image through this show. The image of a modern, current and precise vision of women today with the Shiny Copper’s line but also more artistic and sophisticated hairstyles. An image that will show all that Intercoiffure France can transmit to hairdressers looking to upskill and wanting to stand out.

    Yohann Jouvanceau: The message is clear for the artistic team through Shiny Copper: a timeless and universal style highlighting a unique style, bright colors and sophisticated hairstyles to retain some elegance.

  • Vincent Moutault
  • Vincent Moutault is an active member of Intercoiffure France. He participated to the creation of the collection even if he wasn’t present in Nantes.


    “For me, Intercoiffure France represents, a sign of quality, of intemporality and a very pretty jewelery case in which we can freely express ourselves and share our ideas with talented and passionate hairdressers.

    This is the sign of independence for Intercoiffure France and wealth for us. In addition to labelling excellence, it is a pleasure to evolve on the path of our illustrious predecessors: Alain Zinzius, Jacques Fournillon, Christian Lavergne, or even Alexandre de Paris!

    Personally, I wasn’t present at Beauté Sélection Nantes because I represented Intercoiffure France at Coiffure Beauté Méditerranée in Marseille with Davines, one of our sponsors.

    For me, the artist is by definition the one who owns and cultivates an art, a knowledge, techniques and stands out in terms of creativity, elegance or originality. The hairdresser is an artist by their creativity and their techniques”.


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