• #Beauty: Shine !
  • #Beauty: Shine !

  • Creams which plump the face, lotions which erase signs of fatigue, oxygenating patches. 7 new care products to adapt according to your needs.

    Laure Delvigo

  • #Beauty: Shine !
  • 1- Lancôme - Advanced génifique yeux Light-Pearl™
    Youth activating concentrate - look illuminator

    With age, bags appear and the upper eyelids collapse, the look closes and looses the radiance of its youth. The opening of the eye is then essential for the harmony of a face and less than one opening millimeter is sufficient to change significantly the perception of the whole face. With a formula and design secret protected by 7 patents, associated to a new generation of applicators Light-Pearl™, enabled to reach the most inaccessible zones of the eye contour, via a more flexible tilt angle 80°, Lancôme developed a very efficient eye contour. Indeed, after 6 weeks of application, you can observe a reduction of 17% of the size of the bags and less swollen eyelids. More beautiful, younger, the look is as good as new.

    On sale on lancome.fr et and in certified perfumeries.  20ml - 61€

  • 2- Bonpoint - Soft lotion

    The mythic brand Bonpoint uses now its know-how through a new beauty range as soft and noble as its children’s collections. Without alcohol, this subtle lotion offers the skin a concentrate of hydrating glycerin while preserving the balance of the most sensitive skins. The exclusive active elements Bonpoint are combined with the extract of soothing White Lotus. In a single gesture, the skin is perfectly purified. It is soft and flexible again. A very good point for Bonpoint !! 200 ml - 32 €


    3- Wonde­­­­­­­rstripes - Beauty patches

    New favorite product for the makeup artists, these ingenious patches open the look in a few seconds ! They correct the problems of the dropping eyelids and awake the look of the tired eyes very easily. We love their simple and intuitive use. Perfect before going out or as a shiny touch ! 3 available sizes : S, M and L – 64 patches _ 19 € and assortment pack 84 patches S + M +L
    wonderstripes.fr - Birchbox.fr - thebeautyst.com - Mademoiselle bio

    4-Anne Sémonin - Miracle Eye contour Anti-wrinkle cream

    Your look lost its innocence ?  An anti-stress and anti-fatigue solution : The Miracle Eye contour Anti-wrinkle cream Anti-Rides Sémonin which does credit to its name ! That product was especially designed to hydrate in depth, to smooth the little wrinkles and to erase the wrinkles of the eye contour. For an optimal effect, apply 1 or 2 drops on the eye contour. The trick ? The Miracle Eye contour Anti-wrinkle cream can also be used for the lips contour. 15ml-128 euros.

    5- Joliderm -  Patches for Eye Bags Hydrogel

    After the dark rings, the bags remain the first enemy of our look. Designed with a special hydrogel which releases the active natural toning principles, like the Ginkgo Biloba and the Horse Chestnut Tree, it is completed by the soothing action of the Glycerin and the camomile but also by the instant refreshing action of the Green Tea. An exclusive cocktail for a healthy look ! 13,90 €


    6- Esthederm - Absolute Repulp Balm

    Frédérique Bel, Daphné Roulier or Aure Atika are fighting over it ! This new balm signed Esthéderm is one of the most innovative products at the moment. Exclusively designed for thin faces, this high technology concentrate composed of Triterpenes de centella asiatica, biopolymer glucan, extract of Beech bud and natural pea peptide with plumping effect, redefines the oval shape of the face and recreates its volumes very quickly.
    This is the perfect product to have again the juvenile round face after 40 years. Silky, it penetrates straightaway without residual oily film. Note : Lift & Repair offers also a special care product for round faces. 50 ml - 85 €


    7- Khiel’s - Iris Extract Activating Treatment Essence

    With time, your complexion loses its radiance and its uniformity. The first signs of skin aging appear, because of the reduction of the hydration and of the cell renewal rate, associated to a deterioration of the skin layers. The intensive care essence Iris Extract Activating Treatment Essence slows down that process and brings the nutrients necessary for a healthy skin.
    Rich in extracts of Iris florentina roots, famous for its nourishing properties, it penetrates quickly in depth to highlight the radiance of the complexion and erase the little wrinkles. ¡ A real beauty concentrate !
    200 ml - 43€ www.kiehls.fr


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