• Blorange, a colorful duo

  • At the risk of repeating ourselves, because we are so happy: summer is coming!

    Cheyenne Raydelet Bailly-Salins

  • For some of you, summer means relaxing with your partner, for others this is the season when you dare to do and try everything you want.


    Eugène Perma understood it and decided to highlight your bold side with its 2017  Summer look.

    This summer, your hair will seduce more than one person.

    In front of a sunset or on the terrace of a cafe, your scandalous blond hair color will encounter the radiant orange color to form a winning duo called “Blorange”.


    To highlight this explosive duo, we give you some ideas of hairstyles.


    WAVY: You like the 80s and sing “Babooshka” interpreted by the fabulous and mythic singer Kate bush then adopt a curly hairstyle! The curls will be well-defined and will structure your hairstyle revealing your retro side.

  • HALF BUN: When you want to get noticed but remaining natural, the half bun will be an asset to perfect a relaxed look. Raise a few strands to form a tousled styled bun at the top of the head and leave the rest of your hair free to attract the eyes of the handsome waiter.

    HAIR PIERCINGS: A look which is rock and trendy? This is possible thanks to the jewels hidden in your hair. The jewels can be hidden in a braid or a bun. It is up to you!

    Single or not, with friends or alone, during your holidays, adopt Blorange!


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