• Bob: a must

  • The bob seduces us with the arrival of summer. Let’s have a look at the trendiest creations.

    Caroline Amaury

  • With Coiff and Co, the braid is decorative and showy. It is thick and covers a false tousled hairstyle. Other version, with a thick strand covering like a fringe.

    Sophie Bauçais plays with mid-length hair with a bob base and it is thinned out like in the seventies while Laetitia Guenaou plays with the volume. The hair, twisted and tousled, highlights very colorful curls. Eric Zemmour revisits the style of Sonia Rykiel. Menu: fringe and bob under the ear with crimped effect.  Beautiful on a platinum blond haircolor

    With Jean-Louis David, the bob is tousled, wild like in the eighties. Ideal to highlight a warm ginger haircolor or blond highlights.

    As for, Saint-Algue, the neck is highlighted by a layered haircut at the top of the ear or with a middle parting.

  • Fan of thinned out hairstyles, Fabio Salsa reestructures the classic bob with a curly or a smoother version. Finally, Intermède bets on soft waves, rebellious curls or even straight hair without volume.

    A bob can be everything!


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