• Christophe Gaillet, creator of empresses
  • Christophe Gaillet, creator of empresses

  • We are in the 21st century, provoking and shocking has become a real way of life. Conversely,Christophe Gaillet, opts for a sweet hymn promoting the easygoing lifestyle. Hairdresser and ambassador for L’Oréal Professionnel, “Impériale” is the hymn of his new collection, ligtness and purity.

    Cheyenne Raydelet Bailly-Salins

  • Participating to the famous contest AIPP (International Association of Professional Hairdressing Magazines), Christophe Gaillet knows very well women and how to highlight them. Why do we like it? Because we love the idea of getting noticed and looking feminine using the eternal codes of beauty. This collection highlights the pure and majestic side of women. Pale tones make us come back to the era of monarchies. So much that one could almost feel like a princess. The ash blonde hair color highlights those with fair skin and with different kind of braids (long, thin, large, crown) and makes us want to try original hairstyles but elegant ones.

    For those with shorter hair or with a bob, the famous hairdresser also has a solution to break the routine; adding color!

    The discreet pink highlights or the bright red hair colors will reveal your fashionable but elegant side. 

    This collection will delight the shyest ones and who knows, it may chasten the most extravagant ones.


    Christophe Gaillet
    Photo Weronika Kosinska
    Make-up Izabela Szelagowska
    Stylism Wioletta Podsiadlik
    Anna Pietrowicz
    Patrycja Siwiec
    Production MK Production


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