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  • Curly or frizzy hair? The must-do to be prepared for summer

  • We already know that each type of hair has its own characteristics. In addition to the volume and the charm, specific to curly or frizzy hair, it also tends to be dry and fragile by nature.

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  • Curly or frizzy hair? The must-do to be prepared for summer

    Understanding why curly or frizzy hair tends to be fragile means understanding to better protect it. Formed from a cavity of the scalp called hair follicle , the hair can grow in many ways resulting in different types of hair. With a curved hair follicle which flattens and curves the hair, curly hair is weakened.
    The same things happen with frizzy hair. The space between each curve will determine the nature of the dry effect and of the flexibility of the hair.

    Another specific aspect of this type of hair is that it has smaller sebaceous glands aimed to produce sebum to hydrate and protect the hair fiber.

    Therefore, frizzy hair is penalized twice. The repetitive blow dries, the violent detangling actions or even the hair colors don’t help its condition.

    So how to protect it every day? Which hair care to adopt for summer? 

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  • Regular hair cares adapted to the seasons

    To better protect your frizzy hair, it is necessary to adopt a routine of hair cares adapted to the different periods of the year.

    Even in normal times, curly hair needs particular attention. It starts with hydrating or specific shampoos to apply twice a week. This pace enables the hair to not have too much sebum but to have enough to be strong and to keep shining.
    Once the hair is rinsed and still wet, the application of a serum or a foam protects curly hair. Since frizzy hair is brittle, it is recommended to detangle it when it is wet (so more flexible) to protect it. Remember to use a wide tooth comb and to detangle your hair by stages, starting from down to the top of the head.

    Last step: drying! You have two possibilities:


    1. Dry your hair using a low drying intensity and a nozzle with diffuser which will define your curls and respect your hair.
    2. Leave your hair dry naturally after having towel dried it.


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  • Fabio Salsa
  • After all of that, what can you do more in summer?

    Anticipating! Especially with an oil bath or masks before the shampoo for two weeks before going on holiday. Highlights and hair colors should also be done at least two weeks before leaving so your frizzy hair can have the time to recover.

    Like the skin, it is recommended to protect your hair before and during the exposure to the sun by applying adapted oils or creams to avoid dehydration. At night, wash your curly hair with a mild shampoo - Sodium Laureth Sulfate and silicon free which have a detergent effect and make the hair suffocated. Then, apply a nourishing mask or a conditioner. 


    Ready for summer?


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