• Diane-Laure Bourdoiseau tells us about her specialty : The hair extensions !
  • Diane-Laure Bourdoiseau tells us about her specialty : The hair extensions !

  • Thanks to the TV show 5 salons qui décoiffent on M6 - a TV show presenting hair professionals - Diane-Laure made a name for herself. Passionate since she was young, awarded many times for her creations and hair extensions specialist, meeting with that young hairdressing lover !

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  • Diane-Laure Bourdoiseau tells us about her specialty : The hair extensions !
  • Livecoiffure : You started your career very young in a small village, could you tell us about your career ?

    Diane-Laure Bourdoiseau : In fact, since I was born, I’ve been breathing hairdressing, I eating hairdressing, I having fun with hairdressing, it is one my first words I said ! Since the moment I could use my hands, I had fun styling my dolls, when I was 6, I would make perfect braids, in short, I started very young and I knew that passion would be my profession.
    Contrary to many other hairdressers who generally have somebody in their family in that world, I am from a military family so nothing to do with hairdressing.! [laughter]

    I then chose to do my hairdressing CAP at Jules Ferry La Colline in Montpellier with an option stylist visagist and another option colorist perm artist. I then obtained my Brevet Professionnel at the college Léonard de Vinci. In parallel, at the age of 14, I already was styling in a salon of my village.
    I participated to many contests and I received the prize of Jeune Talent at the Hairdressing Awards at the age of 19 and of Talent Starter by the Eclaireur. I am also an ambassador for Mizutani Scissors.
    I opened my first hairdressing salon at the age of 20 and there I made my own Beauty and Well being Area, I am very proud of my career !

  • Livecoiffure : Your specialty are the hair extensions, could you tell us more about it ?

    Diane-Laure : I would like to precise that I bought the patent of the extension invention, I didn’t create it ! [laughter] This is  an innovative concept, the Quick Long is a system using a reusable extension. It is applied with a cold method in a few seconds and it is composed of 100% of natural high quality hair remy. The strand is put at 1 cm from the roots and hold thanks to a copper thermal resistant pearl. The hair extensions have been my specialty for 8 years. It’s a question of feeling.
    People often think that the hair extensions = lengths but not only that ! You can save a haircut, fill gaps with micro-extensions, add thickness for the persons with fine hair... On a classic haircut, apart from extending the hair, the hair extensions are a real fashion accessory.
    You can put original colors, you can even obtain a good balayage better than a classic hair color.

    I often hear "I already had some, it destroyed my hair”, unfortunately the hair extensions often have a bad fame because they are not put correctly or they are bought in a non professional shop, they are not the same quality as the ones you can buy from a professional. However, going to a hairdressing salon, it is not always expensive, if you want to thicken the front of your hair with about 20 strands, it will cost you between 30 and 50 Euros which is not so much.

  • The advice of Diane-Laure to take care of your hair extensions :

    “ To take care of your hair extensions, you must use professional products and avoid the supermarkets’. I insist on that, this advice can seem common but there is a real difference. Even if some hair extensions are made of natural hair, they are not nourished by the sebum so they will never have the same appearance as your hair. Use products without silicon and with a pneumatic brush - a brush without picot in the end - detangle your hair extensions the morning and the night. This daily gesture will make them shiny.”

  • Diane-Laure Bourdoiseau tells us about her specialty : The hair extensions !
  • Livecoiffure : I assume that since you participated to the TV show 5 salons qui décoiffent, this helped your career ?

    Diane-Laure Bourdoiseau : Honestly, I can without being pretentious Assure that I already had many clients. With the competitions and especially the Hairdressing Avec, I already had a good fame. Adding the word of mouth, I already had a very full timetable, that’s why I moved and opened a much bigger salon.


    Livecoiffure : Could you tell us about your Espace Beauté Et Bien être Diane-Laure situated in Saint Jean de Védas ?

    Diane-Laure Bourdoiseau : At the beginning, when I was 20, I already opened a salon under the franchise Moreno that I kept during 3 years then I bought another hairdressing salon which became my Espace de Beauté et Bien être Diane-Laure. We opened in January, it was an old dancing school and we broke everything inside, this was a total creation !

    We offer any type of hairdressing service - shampoo, haircut, blow dry, treatment, hair color, highlights, Brazilian smoothing, chignon, night hairstyle - and of course hair extensions. Classic hot ones with keratin and cold ones as I explained before. We also have an area dedicated to men with a barber service - beard cut, head shaving - and also an esthetics area dedicated to hair removal, make-up, feet beauty, hands and many other services. For those who want to relax, we even have a well being area where we offer massages and modeling.

  • Livecoiffure : Current events and projects for the rest of the year ?

    Diane-Laure Bourdoiseau : Recently, we are partners VIP at Sephora in Lattes. I have just renovated my salon so it is something ! Regarding the projects, I would like to participate again to contests and attend trainings. I especially would like to participate to the Hairdressing Awards. And my dream would be to launch the first feminine franchise ! There Jacques Dessange, Franck Provost… so why not launching the concept hairdressing beauty well-being ?


    Livecoiffure : A message to transmit ?

    Diane-Laure Bourdoiseau : Everything happens for a reason. The work is the basis of everything ! I am often said I am lucky but this not luck, this is merit ! I am working a lot between 70 and 80 hours a week, I do my best ! It is a lot of concession and compromise, I live my passion and this is great ! I am a modest woman because I started from nothing so I would like to say to everybody that you can if you want. Everything is not a question of money but of will. !

  • Diane-Laure Bourdoiseau tells us about her specialty : The hair extensions !
  • Diane-Laure Espace Beauté et Bien être
    650 Rue Théophraste Renaudot
    34430 Saint Jean de Védas

    Opened from Monday to Thursday from 9h00 to 19h00

    On Friday from 9h00 to 21h00

    And on Saturday from 9h00 to 14h00


  • Diane-Laure Bourdoiseau tells us about her specialty : The hair extensions !
  • Salon Espace Bien être Diane Laure


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