• Didier Adam : Hairdressing Photographer Interview
  • Didier Adam : Hairdressing Photographer Interview

  • Didier Adam : Hairdressing Photographer Interview
  • His silhouette is unavoidable in the hairdressing universe, Didier Adam is the photographer who has been immortalizing since 1980 the greatest events of the profession.
    Shows, contests and stars of the profession are almost not a secret anymore to him. We wanted to pay him tribute under the light of our interview. Interview.


    Christine Margossian

  • Didier Adam, you are the photographer specialist of the hairdressing events, why ?

    When I was a student at the photography school , a friend told me that her hairdresser was going to participate to a contest in Strasbourg and that he needed to have a photographer with him during that contest. She wasn‘t available herself so I decided to accept the proposition. That way, I discovered that universe via the contests of the CAT - Cercle des Arts et Techniques. (Art and Technical cercle). By accepting that work, I remember that, as a student, the amount of money to travel and other expenses was higher than the amount of money I earned from the sale of my photos.

    And why did you continue ?

    The other competitors thought it was great that their friend was followed by a photographer. Consequently, a second one then a third one..asked me to shoot their trials and little by little, I covered my expenses and…had some profits. After that, I was noticed by the director of Coiffure de Paris, at the time Camille Rubis, who offered me a job of employee. I worked during 3 years for that newspaper being that way in relation with all the actors of the profession : hairdressers, providers, franchises, leaders, artistic groups…

    You only shot events at that time ?

    No, my work varied. Sharing the same premises as the magazine Votre Beauté, the occasions to attend to fashion& beauté shootings multiplied, the step by step sequences, the concepts of salons, portraits. I became a real polyvalent person. By the way, once I was freelance, all my network became my client ! L’Oréal Professionnel during 20 years like three times a week, the group Provalliance, Dessange, Dervyn...

    What about today ?

    The press evolved a lot and nowadays they don’t dispatch a photographer anymore but organizers are asked to send the photo reports. It is more economical but in the end everybody has the same pictures. In the other hand, there are globally less events.

  • Didier Adam : Hairdressing Photographer Interview
  • What is your new offer ?

    I work a lot in the architecture field, still-life, portraits and of course fashion and beauty. But I especially work with my networks and not always related to hairdressing. I have, for example, the BNP bank, Edouard Leclerc, I regularly work for them during the year.

    Let’s come back to the Didier hairdressing, what is a good stage photographer ?

    That’s the one who knows how to transmit, in the work result, a volume shot with the best angle, the right light, an interesting background, the framing. You must also be able to shoot a full body portrait, a detail and to notice what’s interesting in the hairstyle. For example, with a front bun, while the whole work is in the neck, it is useless to shoot the face...but by dint of being with hairdressers, I know with my experience what they like to show or to hide !

    Can you see on your pictures an evolution of the profession ?

    Yes, of course ! Remember that hairdressing is a fashion profession in its own right and that the shapes, the textures, the volumes change like the makeup and the silhouettes. The difference is that for example, before, for a championship of France, we had like 100 candidates to shoot and now…about 10 !


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