• Discover the simple gestures to have a beautiful hair….
  • Discover the simple gestures to have a beautiful hair….

  • To have a beautiful hair making your enemies jealous, no need to use your hair brush fifteen times a day! No need to spend hours on it, you should rather adopt simple daily gestures to obtain a beautiful hair. We tell you everything in this article!

    Sara Svati

  • Discover the simple gestures to have a beautiful hair….
  • Hydratation :

    To take care of your hair, you just need to nourish it once a week with a mask after your shampoo. Other possible solution : the oils.
    Poor a few drops then spread with a comb on your whole hair if it is dry or just on the lengths and the ends if it tends to be greasy fast. Then shampoo your hair and rinse.

    The best : apply on your hair before going to bed and rinse the next morning. The hair fiber is able to absorb the nutrients during the night and you take care of your hair while sleeping. Great, isn’t it?

    We recommend you : The argan oil by Fragonard, a real rare oil because it is 100 % natural, from the argan tree. 45 € 250 ml

  • Brushing :

    When our grand-mothers recommended us to brush our hair every three hours, it was a bit exaggerated; twice a day is sufficient enough. Morning gesture to give shape to your hair and to eliminate the sweat of the previous day but also to remove the cowlicks created during the night.  Night brushing, obligatory, to remove the dust and other particles accumulated during the day on your scalp. Prefer a boar bristle-brush which will respect the hair scales. Finesse and softness will be required to avoid attacking your scalp with its sebaceous glands, resulting in greasy hair.

    We recommend you : Flat bristle-brush by Babyliss Pro, 16,30 €


    If your hair is damaged, brittle, make sure it is dry before detangling it. This may send superficial however when it is wet, your hair is twice as fragile. And contrary to the gestures you are used to do, it is better to start with the ends going up little by little and finishing with the roots. The handle comb is perfect for the repetitive movements. Thanks to its optimized shape, the handle will lighten your wrist and the styling will be done with less efforts.

    We recommend you : The handle comb by  Kérasoin , 2,40

    Antistatic, with strong and flexible teeth, it detangles the hair without leaving any mark.


    Yes, but softly! Don't set the heat at a high temperature and prefer a pre-drying in the towel in order to leave your hair less time under this heating device which tends to damage the hair. We are seduced by a hairdryer with an integrated ionic technology.

    We recommend you : The hair drier Air de Ghd, 129

    With its exclusive ionic technology, the hair drier reduces the frizz and limits the static electricity. It smoothes the hair cuticles making them softer and shinier. Moreover, the drying is very fast, your hair will be preserved!

  • Discover the simple gestures to have a beautiful hair….


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