• Dry shampoo : how to use it
  • Dry shampoo : how to use it

  • The dry shampoo came back recently bit not many people make the most of it. Livecoiffure gives you a few tips and tricks regarding the use of this product.

    Christine Margossian

  • Saving a day

    Your hair start to be greasy since the second day after your shampoo and you don’t have the time to have another blow dry ? Solution: dry shampoos. Indeed, they enable, thanks to their blotting texture, to absorb a maximum of sebum in a short time.
    For that, spray the dry shampoo on the roots and at about 20 cm from the head. Leave it 3 minutes then brush to remove the residues while using a hair drier with cold air.
    The hair seems more fresh. Convenient between two shampoos.

    Volume gain

    If your hair is flat, here again you can use the dry shampoo.
    Still applied on the roots and the matifying formula without silicon increases the density in no time, without backcombing the hair. Volume effect !


    The fine hair has a good ally ! A flat and straight look. To have a wild look, you can try the dry shampoo using it as a styling product. This way, it can style your hair.

    Copying Karl

    To have a whiter color you can imitate M.Lagerfeld with the idea of applying a white powder on your hair color, powder effect !

    Hiding defects

    Some formulas of dry shampoos exist also in colored version. A light mist of product the same colors as yours to be applied on the roots can help you for an unexpected night !

  • Dry Shampoo 150ml Professional Fauvert

    Product description:
    Within minutes, the DRY SHAMPOO PROFESSIONAL Fauvert will get rid of impurities and sebum present on your hair to restore their lightness, freshness and volume. Its unique texture will allow you to tame your hair while giving it a cleaner look.

    Use :
    On all hair types:
    Vaporizing 30cm or closer, upside down, leave for 3 minutes, rub the hair in a towel then brush if possible upside down.
    Caution: Count 3 second spray (not more to avoid a surplus product).

    Format: 150 ml
    Hairdresser Price: € 7.15
    Consumer resale price: 14 €

  • Dry shampoo : how to use it


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