• Dyson Supersonic
  • Dyson Supersonic : The hair dryer re-thought!

  • Dyson, a brand famous for household appliances and especially for the silent vacuum cleaner decided to innovate again by creating a new generation of hair dryers! Zoom in on the Dyson Supersonic !

    Sara Svati

  • Dyson, the innovative brand

    The Dyson vacuum cleaner has been the center of attention for many years: Dyson hand stick vacuum cleaner, cordless vacuum cleaner, sledge vacuum cleaner… the English brand knows how to play with the new technologies to meet the consumer’s expectations.

  • sèche cheveux Dyson Supersonic
  • The Dyson slogan :

    “Our mission is simple. We solve the problems that seem to be ignored by others. “ James Dyson. This is the target that the brand set to exceed their clients’ expectations..

    Dyson Hair

    Today, the brand tackles the beauty world by creating a hair dryer! This invention required four years of research and development plus 64 million Euros to design.

  • Dyson supersonic
  • Dyson Supersonic, a very fast but silence dryer :

    This product by Dyson, is revolutionary!

    The Supersonic Dyson hair dryer was completely redesigned to enable better use, faster drying and the best, just like the Dyson vacuum cleaner, it is silent!


    A very different design :

    With a very original design similar to the Dyson ventilators, the hair dryer is twice as powerful as other ordinary products. The motor can run up to 110 000 times per minute.
    The temperatures are lower for superior hair protection. They are available in either white or pink design.

  • What is the advantage of the Supersonic Dyson hair dryer?

    The Dyson V9 digital motor is in the handle! This way, the weight of the hair dryer is totally balanced and its shape is even prettier!

    Hair care :

    You don't need excessive heat anymore, the air temperature is measured 20 times per second by a micro-processor keeping the temperature under control permanently. The Dyson Supersonic hair dryer preserves the natural brilliance of the hair.

  • Dyson Supersonic
  • Dyson Supersonic
  • The Supersonic Dyson hair dryer is controlled by 4 buttons :

    4 very precise heat settings: 115 °C for fast drying or a blow-dry, 87 for regular drying, 65 for gentle drying and 31 for a constant cold air.

    The speeds can be chosen according to your desires: Blow-dry, fast drying, regular drying.

  • Diffuser Dyson :

    The diffuser disperses the air evenly on your hair. It will define your curls and will reduce the frizz for a fast and natural drying.


    Dyson smoothing nozzle :

    “Not only have we modified the drying. We also modified the blow-dry. “ the English maker for Dyson declared.

    The Dyson smoothing nozzle releases a soft heat and style at the same time.


  • Dyson styling concentrator :

    It enables to shape your hair one section at a time without messing the rest of the hair up thanks to an air diffuser.

    Where can you find the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer?

    The Dyson hair dryer will be sold in France on the website of the brand from September for 399 Euros.

  • Dyson Supersonic : The hair dryer re-thought!
  • James Dyson unveils the Dyson Supersonic™ hair dryer in Tokyo.


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