• Goldwell Elumen Color
  • Elumen Color, new hair color range Goldwell!

  • An absolute creativity with unlimited possibilities? A haircolor which defies time? Desires of eccentric haircolors but which respect your hair? Dare to wear the color signature Elumen by Goldwell !

    Sara Svati

  • The Elumen haircolors

    With Elumen, the hairdresser creates perfect color signature for their client, whether it is subtle or very intense, composed of pastel or very vibrant colors. Having an exceptional look to distinguish yourself and express your personality. The only limits are the laws of colorimetry... And the hairdresser’s imagination.

    Thanks to its complete palette made of 28 tones, no more limits! Very bright blond and brown tones but also pink, purple or turquoise tones, Elumen satisfies any desire of color. Ultimate Creativity : 6 segments of colors with 104 options.

  • Elumen Color, new hair color range Goldwell!
  • The exclusivity takes place in a hairdressing salon where you can find the haircolor Elumen. It is an unlimited color spectrum thanks to a high-performance technology based on a physical principle and without the use of ammonia or oxidants. Thanks to its “magnet” effect, its unique technology makes the pigments penetrate in the heart of the hair and fixes it permanently for long lasting color results.

    Elumen guarantees exceptional colors and offers an incomparable brilliance to the hair, intense long lasting results and makes it healthy thanks to its repairing action.


    BONUS :

    The “Formula Book Elumen“ presents the favorite ones of the hairdressers Goldwell around the world. A real treasure to enable them to give life to inventive ideas with passion and to create unique looks thanks to an exceptional hair color.

    The new looks Elumen of the Collection 2016 reflect the richness of the palette of this haircolor offered only salons : Dare to wear the color signature!

  • Elumen Color, new hair color range Goldwell!
  • Elumen Color, new hair color range Goldwell!
  • Elumen Color, new hair color range Goldwell!
  • Ideas look

    Look Rock' N ' Roll and chic : Blond haircolor in colors! Highlights with yellow, copper and cold shades attract the eyes with a very long fringe styled at the back giving the impression of a real painting on hair. A very versatile style thanks to an undercut and a very long upper section.

    Elegant look and tendency : The hair is cut under the shoulder in elegant way especially in brown deep tones. This classic and feminine look is contrasted with startling contrasts, from turquoise to copper, offering a very fashion style.

    Wise but creative Look : This look associates a strict fringe with turquoise, pink and yellow touches. This gives a real richness in terms of contrasts and expressiveness. On dark brown hair, the tones flirt with fluorescent color. Thanks to the effects of color sagely placed, each style is different and surprising! Wild and sensual or elegant and feminine but always with this small touch of creativity !

    Credits : GOLDWELL / hairstylesffures : Mark Leeson / Makeup : Stephanie Kunz / Photography : Markus Jans / Stylism : Ingo Nahrwold / Director of the creation : John Moroney

  • Goldwell Elumen


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