• Emmanuel Moire, an authentic beauty

  • With looks akin to the best in Hollywood, Emmanuel Moire is one of these singers who naturally shines. He is a handsome and talented artist for whom emotion equates to passion.


    Laure Delvigo
  • Emmanuel Moire

    Since we discovered him as Roi Soleil in the musical of the same name, Emmanuel Moire has undoubtedly experienced everything, from euphoria to despair. A first album released in 2006, (“Là où je pars“), the sudden death of his twin brother to whom he dedicated the title “Sois tranquille” in his second opus (“ L’Equilibre “) in 2009. It was an increasingly difficult period for the singer; "At that time, everything became complicated. Nothing worked as I wanted.

    Of course, it wasn’t so easy; life made me understand that it is better to push forward rather than give up!”

    Fortunately, this life is also full of surprises. In 2011, Emmanuel Moire – while going through a difficult period - was invited to join the musical “Cabaret”, back in the Théâtre Marigny, then on tour throughout France. He played the main role, the legendary Emcee, the master of ceremonies of the scandalous Kit Kat Club. “The role wasn’t easy to play: I had to let many things go and find how to add my touch without copying the precedent Emcee. I worked a lot and I proved to myself that I could do it. It felt really good: little by little, I regained my confidence! “Cabaret” was an amazing experience and very rewarding. “

  • The sun finally rose! The following event confirmed it…the adventure “Danse avec les Stars”. Aside from his victory, Emmanuel will always remember his artistic meeting with the dancer Fauve Hautot, especially the amazing moment when – during the second prime – they danced together on “Sois tranquille”.

    Participating in that program helped to reconnect with myself. I felt reborn! And knowing that the public chose you, it is priceless!… Regarding what happened during “Sois tranquille”.

    I never imagined that I could experience such an intense moment! The fact that it happened precisely on this song touches me even more. Symbolically it was very intense! This horrible period was finally over... For me there was a before and an after “Danse avec les Stars!

  • After winning a trophy Emmanuel is confident again. Nothing can stop him now on his way to the studio: new life, new team. Only his lifelong accomplice, the lyrics writer Yann Guillon stayed at his side: he signed all the texts of the albums “Le Chemin” and “La Rencontre”.

    Le Chemin is a hauntingly beautiful album made up of highly emotional songs in which the passion and talent of the singer echo through every verse. No special effects are used, nor are they needed, as it is the raw emotion Emmanual exudes that captures the listener. He is an authentic artist and you can see him live in France, Switzerland and Belgium until 18th June.

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