• Eric & Laurent: the blond ones will be honored

  • This is not the last time we’ll hear about these two hairdressers from Thionville. Just before Christmas, they successfully collected more than 12 000 Euros during a gala for Docteur Clown. Since then, they took their time to create a Spring-Summer collection in harmony with our desire of sun especially at the moment.

    Claire de Saint Lunaire

  • This was an audacious commitment because only the blond ones will be honored this season. The light is used on the ends in different blond tones. Governing principle: the ease with which you can style your hair. Even if the haircuts are very sophisticated they don't require hairdressing talents every morning. Also, they can be worn in a elegant way for a soirée or a reception.

    Short version, with a very light neck, the short bob, lightly concave, can be worn straight or curled in many versions. Highlighted by a luminous blond hair color, this haircut makes perfect sense because it is perfectly adapted to the current working girl.

    Other version, with the same sunlight on the hair: revisited long hair. The base is lightly layered with a root effect and highlighted by a balayage before the patina. This hair color highlights the hair ready for creativity. When the side strands are raised, the hair turns into a sculpture. Chic, elegant, in short… effective.

  • SUN EFFECT Collection - SS 2017 - Eric Sammartano and Laurent LEGAL
    WELLA Professionals
    © photo credit : Daniel PISTER
    for the salons ERIC & LAURENT
    Makeup : Mélanie Di Salvo

  • Eric & Laurent
  • Eric & Laurent


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