• Estatoff, a dynasty!

  • The father-son stories of complicity get common but when they become exclusive, they are even more beautiful. Bruno Estatoff was that lucky. He transmitted his passion to his two sons in a very natural way. And for good reason, this male trio has his own language. They understand, support and complete each other in terms of their personal and professional life.
    Livecoiffure wanted to know more about this Estatoff’s magic.

    Daphné Malan

  • Livecoiffure: Could you describe us the complicity of this male trio?

    Bruno Estatoff: With regard to our complicity, I am very happy when someone tells me about it because it is so obvious that I sometimes forget it is a real strength for us. We have a close personal relationship which enables us to work together in a very pleasant atmosphere. I know I am lucky to have both my sons so close to me in my personal life but also in my professional life.

    Livecoiffure: Was it natural for the Estatoff sons to be hairdressers?

    Lucca Estatoff: I don’t know if hairdressing was my natural path but I have always loved how dad described this universe. He never persuaded us or forced us to do anything but one day it just came naturally. He brought me to a fashion show at the Sofitel in Lyon to help him. I was about 14 years old and I suddenly got it... I wanted to be a hairdresser! After that, everything went fast and I learned to love this amazing profession which nourishes my soul every day and I am grateful to my father but also to that profession which makes me happy every day.

    Yvan Estatoff: Being born, living and growing up in the hairdressing world has always motivating us. Following the same hairdressing path of someone who educated us and who does the same profession as us explains why we understand each other so much in the artistic world but also in the world of work. 
    Being a hairdresser has always been clear to me. I would always spent my weekends and my holidays in my father’s salons. I’ve always dreamed about the client relationship, colleagues, the nice smell of a salon, the smiles and of course the role played for each client.

    Livecoiffure: What is a typical father-son day?

    Bruno Estatoff: There is no "typical" day for us. We are too disordered for that. Things are done naturally whether we have to prepare a big day in the salon, a shooting for our collections, a training for l'Oréal Professionnel in France or abroad or even a show. The most important for us is to be together and do the best to have effective but fun days. Still having fun during these moments of pressure is intense.

    Yvan Estatoff: A typical day is a big word for us. Our moments are spontaneous and our meeting are improvised. When they take place in the salon, they generally finish with discussions about a new shooting or new collections.

  • Livecoiffure: Do you all have your own Estatoff style?

    Bruno Estatoff:  Yes, I think that there is an ESTATOFF "style" inside each of us. Even if it is different in terms of the experience, the love of beauty, of women, of well done work, our common passion for fashion unites us and we are happy with the result in terms of image because each of us brings his sensibility and his own vision.

    Yvan Estatoff: We have a common style in terms of working, expressing ourselves, behaving. But we all have our own style because have different personalities.

    Livecoiffure: How do you program your YourCut Academy trainings in your salon in Lyon?

    Bruno Estatoff: The last "YourCutAcademy” training that we organized is about the development of the image for the salon’s owners.
    The hairdressers are commended to exhibit their own creations in their salon or in the shop window. They should show who they are from a professional point of view and enhance their work.
    We need to open people's mind in this profession whether they are fashion lovers in their city or their region. In addition to being a hairdresser ambassador for L'Oréal Professionnel, I am also a fashion photographer. I feel very involved as an artistic director at the service of the hairdressers. The hairdressers come to the academy with one or several models to create hairstyles they want to show. I offer them my help to enhance their work because the work in studio is not the same as in the salon. After that, I am behind the lens to shoot the creations that they will use in their salon and for their business.

    Livecoiffure: Bruno, is your passion for photography stronger than for hairdressing?

    Bruno Estatoff: Photography doesn’t take over my hair passion yet. I must be at 60/40 which means that photography is very important in my professional life.  I shot collections of renown hairdressing creators, of franchises, of agency books and I also did beauty shootings (make-up, nails, body oils...etc).

    Furthermore, last Spring, L'Oréal Professionnel, within the context of its hairdressing training and development policy, developed with me an “artistic” training within the training calendar called "MASTER OF STYLE". These training days take place in one of the L'Oréal Professionnel’s academies in France. The hairdressers sign up for these Master Style in order to make their own fashion creations. In this context, I am the official photographer and the artistic director of these training days.

  • Salon Bruno Estatoff
    YourCut Academy
    13, Cours Lafayette
    69006 LYON-FRANCE


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