• Event evening of the brand Keune at the Grande Motte
  • Event evening of the brand Keune at the Grande Motte

  • LiveCoiffure was the appointment and more than one hundred hairdressers of the departments GARD and HERAULT, were present for the brand KEUNE. Stéphane BENARD, south France regional manager and his team chose the WHITE BEACH of the GRANDE MOTTE to celebrate summer and we understand why : Refined decoration, low aged wood tables, XXL soft benches, everything with the feet in the sands 10 meters from the sea, change of scene and relaxation !

    Cyrille Hassam

  • The evening's program:

    19h00 : arrival of the first clients for cocktail reception. The occasion for each one, clients and teams of the brand, to exchange in a relaxed ambience.

    21h45 : launching of the hairdressing show by Mickael RIBEIRO, artistic director of the brand KEUNE. Suit reversed on the ankles, naked feet and panama hat on the head, with energy and talent Michaël interprets on his models. Another hairdresser, Nicolas D’EURVEULHER, probably one of the most renowned barbers of the region, did several men’s haircuts confirming his fame.

    23h15 : Champaign ! Chats and laughter ! Some start to dance.

    01h00 : the end ? Indeed, all good things must come to an end.

    But, Soubhan ZINOUNE, general manager, enthusiastic and accessible, of the brand KEUNE, promised that there will be other events !

  • Few questions to SOUBHAN ZINOUNE, general manager, with his south France regional manager STEPHANE BENARD.


    LIVECOIFFURE was present during the evening that you organized at the beach WHITE BEACHde LA GRANDE MOTTE and we were very seduced by the quality of the event. Are you satisfied of the result ?

    SOUBHAN ZINOUNE : Absolutely ! Our aim was to unite our clients of the Gard and of the Hérault during a moment of relaxation in a unique place. The occasion was to reinforce even more the link which unites the brand and its teams with its clients partners. And for that event, I asked Mickael RIBEIRO, artistic director of the brand KEUNE, who generally performs on more important stages, to perform a hairdressing show in the heart of the beach. This evening was the image of our values and illustrated perfectly the notion "personal touch" important for us.


    These values of the brand KEUNE, ¿ what are they exactly ?

    SOUBHAN ZINOUNE : As an independent brand (the capital is held by the family KEUNE), the respect of our original values is central. Our objective is to help the hairdressers to professionally and personally flourish with the development of the turnover as a priority.


    Our approach remains on several fundamental principles :

    • Organizing events and evenings to connect the hairdressers, promote sharing and fight against the tendency to isolation.
    • Preserving the exclusivity of the sale of our products in the salons and only in the salons.
    • Assuring a great proximity with our clients partners.
    • Suggesting a partner offer to our clients through a palette of full services :
      • KEUNE PARTENAIRE.COM enables the clients to order on line an ensemble of visual and marketing personalized elements for their salon.
      • An undertaking offer regarding the management during the whole year, assured by professionals.
      • Special training to be a future manager of a hairdressing salon.
      • For the resellers of the range SO PURE, SHIATSU specialists train the hairdressers in a very specific way. Aim of the operation : Making their clients live a real sensorial experience through the use of the products SO PURE.
      • Original and stimulating challenges which enable for example to win tickets for a seminary in Morocco. Our aim is to create a strong emulation which promotes the commitment of the team within the salon.
      • The training is our ADN. That’s why about 15 ambassadors who own their own business are trained by our teams and intervene in the salons. We believe a lot in the intervention in the salon because it really sticks with the reality of the field. Then, a series of trainings are organized within our academy at competitive prices (Conseil Couleur, Look and Learn, haircut, ties and chignons) Finally, the artistic training is not left behind because our most experienced clients will be able to participate to high level trainings, in France or abroad.


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