• Femmes Plurielles by Francine Ladrière
  • Femmes Plurielles by Francine Ladrière

  • Francine Ladrière tells us, in an exclusive interview, about her last Spring-Summer collection. Entitled “ Femmes Plurielles “, it represents the image of each of us. More details about this beautiful collection in this article.

    Sara Svati

  • Femmes plurielles tells the story of twin sisters “geometrically identical but visually different”. Francine Ladrière wanted to play with a mid-length and short line. One represents the woman with character, desire, passion. The other one is softer, more harmonious, more subtle.

    These nine visuals aim to question, so that each woman can identify herself and be seduced by this collection. Each of you is gonna take inspiration and to seek her identity in this duo.

    The twins, noticed during a fashion show on the Champs Elysées were delighted to participate to this photo shooting. “It is difficult to find models especially when you want to play with twinship. I wanted to find the perfect persons to represent what I wanted to communicate”.

    The collection femmes plurielles aims also at showing the juvenile lightness and freshness with this mischievous and calm look, conducive to introspection. “I gave them a doll falsely wise look between dream and reality. Today, we really need a bit of frivolity and finesse. Women want softness and grace. “

  • Femmes Plurielles by Francine Ladrière
  • The clothes with white tones give an innocent touch. “I chose the word “plurielles” because each woman you can find several personalities. She doesn't have just one universe, women need to be “several”, being wise and serene but with a bit of madness and a certain type of character. Each person can have different looks, multiple personalities and this is what my collection represents. With twin sisters, we showed a “multi-services” hairstyle which makes appear several haircuts and hairstyles as if they were created on the same person”.

    The visuals are smooth but with wavy movements. “I used the hair crimper on some zones. This is the tendency for next summer!

    I was inspired by the mother-daughter relation, who sometimes have the same hairstyle but with nuances, a few differences. I had loved the campaigns Comptoir des Cotonniers : everybody could identify themselves very easily. With my collection, I wanted to have a similar haircut geometry but with different stylings”.

    The weightlessness and the finesse of the collection by Francine Ladrière was obtained with the products Fauvert. The collection will be distributed in all parts of France and abroad.


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  • Francine Ladrière - Femmes Plurielles



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