• Festival de Cannes : hairstyles DESSANGE

  • Dessange, official partner of the Cannes Film Festival 2016, sets the tone for the hairstyle trends! Discover the 4 star hairstyles on the red carpet!

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  • Flave hair DESSANGE

    The hairstyle “Flave” is the contraction of the word “flat” and “wave”. In short, these are flat waves.  A flave hairstyle is characterized by a styled tousled effect: consisting of waves with less volume and the hair body is less “rounded”.

    The Flave hair tendency is for women who don't want to seem too superficial and to be naturally “pretty”. This hairstyle can be worn in many ways: with the side, center parting, with or without a fringe. It can also been combined with a headband or a pretty hair grip.

    The greatest creators like Gucci or Versace were inspired by this hair trend during the fashion shows and several stars like Beyoncé or Salma Hayek adopted it!



    Step by Step DESSANGE

    This very simple hairstyle can be achieved in 4 steps:

    Step 1 : Spray texturizing termo-active mist Dessange Paris. To hold your hair.

    Step 2 : Take a strand that you previously sprayed and make a macaroon with your fingers. Heat it with your hair drier for 5 to 10 seconds.

    Step 3 : Roll your macaroon out and do the same with all of your hair.

    Step 4 : Brush your hair carefully and bring the lengths to the front of your shoulders. If you want to you can use a fixing spray to hold your waves all day long.

  • "Attache nouée" DESSANGE

    The attache nouée has the advantage of highlighting your best facial features.

    Combining beautiful makeup and a nice dress, you will not be jealous of your favorite stars anymore!

    Very fashionable, the braid comes back on all fronts. For a more rebellious look, release a few strands around your face.


    This difficult hairstyle is fortunately very well explained in this following tutorial.


    Step by Step DESSANGE

    Step 1 : Free your neck and divide the two planes of the head. Isolate the top of the head and the central part with hair grips.

    Step 2 : Gather both sides in one low ponytail. Bring the lengths of the latter under the hair tie.

    Step 3 :  Make a simple knot with the length of your ponytail and the left length of the central part.

    Step 4 : Make an African braid with both lengths of the following step and in each knot, introduce strands from the top of the head. Tie from the neck to the forehead. Finnish your tie with a small hair tie and fix it with a hairpin then spray.

  • The "Pun" DESSANGE


    The term “pun” is the contraction of the word “bun” and “pun” from punk. It’s a punk bun. Aside from being elegant, the hairpins give a very rock n' roll look! This Rock N ' Glam hairstyle is undoubtedly original!  The hairpins are visible on the head highlighting the eccentric nature of this hairstyle! You can also accessorize with barrettes which reflect the color of the outfit or the nail polish to further enhance your look.


    Step by Step Dessange :

    Step 1 : Straighten the hair with a brush and a hair drier. Then make a high ponytail. Flatten the sides and the shorter hairs with the shaping structure gel Dessange Paris.

    Step 2 : Roll a small strand of the ponytail around the hair tie and fix it with a hairpin.

    Step 3 : Then divide your ponytail in two very distinct parts. Twist each strand of the opposing sides.

    Step 4 : Gather both strands and twist them bringing them towards the front of your head. Fix with hairpins and leave the ends visible.. Use a spray for a long-lasting effect.

  • One side false bob DESSANGE

    The one side false bob brings elegance to your hair. The advantage being that you don’t need scissors anymore, this radical change of style can be obtained thanks to an optical effect.  The difference with a real bob is that you keep your beautiful length which took time to grow!

    Indeed, the false bob can be worn in many ways: with side or middle parting, without parting or with a fringe, it is for any kind of hair. Curly, backcombed, waved, or straight, your hair can adapt to this hairstyle which is both fast and easy to do.

    Step by Step DESSANGE


    This elegant and glamourous hairstyle requires 4 essential steps :

    Step 1 : Make a low side parting then curl all your hair. Make sure you spray each strand with the fixing spray Dessange Paris.

    Step 2 : Brush your hair carefully to soften the curls and to create movement.

    Step 3 : Then make a loose ponytail leaving a few curly strands around the face.

    Step 4 : Twist the ponytail towards the interior to give the impression of a false bob and fix with a few flat hair grips or hairpins. Spray the hair a lot and flatten the side for a one side effect.

  • Thanks to the House DESSANGE Official Partner of the Cannes Film Festival.

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