• GENERIK launches Géni'Poux
  • GENERIK launches Géni'Poux

  • The head louses are back too and they are not very welcomed ! Indeed, when your child share a classroom with 30 toddlers, the propagation is quicker ! So you need to have to protect your children from them and buy the adequate treatment. For that, the brand GENERIK designed the range Géni'Poux.  Livecoiffure tested it for you.

    Daphné Malan

  • Each year, it’s the same panic when the school teacher announces you that the head louses are back and already invaded the head of some children. And at that point, you say to yourself, I hope mine will escape them, and no he/she didn’t ! We all tried several products sold in pharmacy but this time, I focus on the new range Géni’Poux by Generik, a global and natural solution without chemical insecticides !

    My son, 6 years old, comes back from school and sees the products on the table of the lounge. He already tells me “it is so cute that little genie”,  a good point for Generik ! Indeed, the packaging is attractive and if the children think that Monsieur Génie is gonna remove all the head louses, it’s even better !
    GENERIK thought about everything; when you buy the lotion and the shampoo, you win a comb !

    It is time for the bath and I hurry to test the products on my little cherub. We’re gonna play with super Genie.


  • I start the treatment with the different products of the range :

    The natural lotion without chemical insecticides, is rich in coconut oil and essential oils like eucalyptus, cinnamon, lavender, clove and others. The smell is a bit strong but remember that it is aimed to block the respiratory tract of the parasites.
    I spray the lotion on the hair and the scalp sufficient enough to wet the whole hair.
    I carefully massage to steep the scalp.
    I leave it for 30 minutes, even if it seems long, when your child is playing in his/her bath, it is quickly over !

  • GENERIK launches Géni'Poux
  • GENERIK launches Géni'Poux
  • Then, I comb the hair with the comb GENERIK, my sun tries it, but just for one minute. I start again and comb the hair strand by strand until the ends to remove all the dead head louses and nits. Indeed, the teeth of the comb are so tightened that you can easily see the head louses and nits that have been removed.

  • I finish with the shampoo GéniPoux, its function calms down and protects any type of hair. The smell is a bit strong too but it is pleasant and doesn’t bother the child. The product bubbles a lot.
    The plus : It is very easy to rinse.

    Remember that in case of important infestation, you need to repeat the operation 3 or 5 days later.
    Conclusion: This range is very satisfactory, it enables to have fun while treating your child.

  • GENERIK launches Géni'Poux
  • Professional price: 9,50 € HT lotion + shampoo, free comb.  
    Available on www.generik.fr, at Showroom 23 rue Taitbout Paris 75009 or by calling the number 0.800.888.563.


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