• Gigi Hadid: a model at the top

  • At only 21 years old, Gigi Hadid is the new star model of the designers and couturiers. Catwalks’ star, daughter of the model Yolanda Hadid, she holds a series of contracts and made of her curves and her ocean blue eyes her signature. Lights on the one of the best models of the moment.

    Laure Delvigo

  • She has come a long way since her first contract with Guess when she was seven! Today, Gigi Hadid treads upon the red carpet as a star model attracting all the cameras. Her secret? Her American modern charm is the new idol of the great couturiers and big brands. The catwalks are famous for sophisticated makeups but outside the world of fashion, Gigi Hadid looks natural.

    For each of her appearances, the young 21 year old model shows herself with innovative haircuts alternating very wavy hair, the messy bob and even the wet look effect Her nude makeup highlighted by a purplish red color or glossy color is a model for the young generations.

    However, by 2015, Kendall Jenner’s best friend is in the center of all the critics on the social networks. Cause? Her voluptuous curves. Some Internet users don’t hesitate to question her legitimacy to parade with models like Cara Delevingne or Emily Ratajkowski.

  • These critics hurt Gigi Hadid so much that she had a rant on her Instagram page: “I don’t have the same body as the other models. I have a bigger breast, abdominals, curved butt and curved hips”. Far from being overwhelmed, Zayn Malik’s girlfriend said: “Your commentaries will not make me change my silhouette and will not change designers’ mind about me. “

    Skinny models are many on the catwalks but Gigi Hadid can boast about being the new star of the big brands and creators. Her Dutch-Palestinian origin, her natural charm and her deep blue eyes can be seen in many advertising campaigns. She holds a series of contracts with prestigious brands: Ambassador for Gemey Maybelline since 2015,
    Gigi Hadid also launched a collection in partnership with Tommy Hilfiger. The aim? Combining the modern spirit of the American model with heritage of the brand.

    In parallel, Gigi Hadid is on all fronts: Victoria’s Secret’s fashion show, the models’ Holy Grail, apparition in a video clip of the famous DJ Calvin Harris, partnership with Balmain or Chanel for the 2016 Fashion Week… The model parades for the biggest brands, pursuing her career with success and ignoring the commentaries about her curves. Are her abdominals criticized? The model showed them in a muscle advertisement Reebook in October 2016. Is her voluptuous breast criticized? Bella Hadid’s sister paraded topless for Fendi for the last Fashion Week in Milan.

    Using her curves as her signature, Gigi Hadid wants to change the world of fashion like Laetitia Casta and Cindy Crawford in the eighties. A success.


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