• Go and buy the Steampod Brazil Fantasy!
  • Go and buy the Steampod Brazil Fantasy!

  • The sun shines, the birds sing and the flowers are blooming. This is the opportunity to fall for the Steampod 2.0 Brazil Fantasy, last product byl'Oréal Professionnel, which will make your beautiful before Summer. It is coming soon!

    Sara Svati

  • Different from the other classic Steampod, the version Brazil Fantasy by l'Oréal Professionnel is available only in limited edition for this Spring-Summer! For the Summer Olympic Games of Rio taking place  from 5 to 21 August 2016, the brand is very design and funky, by adorning its steampod with tropical flowers and hummingbirds. The box is adorned with toucans. A small jewel of technology, easy to use and which is perfect for an incomparable blow-dry!


    Adorned with Latin America colors, the Steampod is beautiful but only that:

    By combining the steam power with pro-keratin reparation, the hair straightener helps to control the movement of the hair for a stunning result: Your hair is shiny and silky!


    If you have thick hair, we recommend you to apply the Steampod 2.0  smoothing cream when it is towel dried, the cream will prepare it to receive the heat of the hair straightener. Thanks to the diffusion of the continual heat, the hair cuticle opens and your hair is naturally hydrated. The penetration of the product will be faster thanks to the vaporization of the active ingredients which will deeply enter in the hair fiber. Regarding fine hair, better use the Steampod 2.0 smoothing milk. It will revitalize your hair and will guaranty an optimal smoothing with lightness without heavy hair effect. 

    The mechanical action of the irons will close the cuticles and will durably strengthen your hair.


    With a temperature that can go up from 140° to 210°C, the Steampod guarantees a perfect blow-dry without damaging it.  To obtain perfect ends, on dry hair, apply the Steampod 2.0 smoothing serum. Your hair will seem more flexible and lighter.


    Very innovative, a small water tank is inserted in the hair straightener but also a comb which enables to place your hair evenly on the irons. Thanks to the anodization of these irons, the hair is better protected and is more flexible.

  • Steam hair straightener Steampod 2.0 Brazil Fantasy, 199 €
    Smoothing milk Steampod 2.0 L'Oréal 150ml, 14,90 €
    Smoothing cream Steampod 2.0 L'Oréal 150ml, 14,90 €
    Smoothing serum Steampod 2.0 L'Oréal 50 ml, 14,70 €
  • Go and buy the Steampod Brazil Fantasy!
  • Go and buy the Steampod Brazil Fantasy!
  • Go and buy the Steampod Brazil Fantasy!
  • Go and buy the Steampod Brazil Fantasy!


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