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  • It is official, the date was announced, your best friend is getting married. After the messages, the calls, the emails to congratulate the lucky one, the time of doubt comes: “Yes but which hairstyle?” 

    Cheyenne Raydelet

  • Ten years before, you had already found together the dream red bridesmaid dress and by chance it is still trendy. However you haven’t thought that your hairstyle might change.

    No panic! There is a hairstyle for any type of hair!


    Short hair:

    With this hair length, one would think (a mistake) that being elegant and original for a wedding is impossible. Adding accessories to your bob like a headband, a flower crown or even small hair grips is possible.

    Your face will be highlighted and even the brunette with long hair will be jealous of you.

  • For mid-length and long hair

    Everybody love buns. Not a common bun that one does at home after a working day.

    A festive day always comes with a festive bun.

    We recommend the very trendy braided bun which revisits the side hair style. A braid is made on the side and then it is tied like a bun just under the ear.

    For the lovers of loose hair, we chose the very sophisticated cascade of curls or a tamed wavy style to avoid the beach effect. Let’s not forget that you are invited to a ceremony and not to a pool party.

    For the impatient ones

    If you are looking for a quick but beautiful hairstyle, you can opt for the neo bun or for a ponytail adorned with a pretty bow tie the same color as the dress or the handbag or why not both.

    The headband also enables you to have a good look in no time.

    Curly hair can be highlighted by a flower crown for a hippy elegant look and it only takes a few seconds!

    Now you know which hairstyle you are going to choose. All you have to do is to catch the bridal bouquet!


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