• Hair : Preventing the Autumn hair loss
  • Hair : Preventing the Autumn hair loss

  • They are still many of you on holidays and on the beaches but each season ends up and with the Autumn arriving soon some of you will experience hair loss sometimes during weeks. Beautiful perspective ! However, even if this hair loss may seem spectacular, this phenomenon can be diminished. Here some pieces of advice which will help you to experience that change serenely.

    Christine Margossian

  • Some of you can lose a lot of hair and others don't really notice the hair loss, but this is a fact : We are as sensible to the Autumn as nature and we lose even more our hair during this period than during Spring. This phenomenon is all the more spectacular that it results from the fatigue, back to work, you feel down in the dumps because of the shorter days and also from the forgotten frantic rhythm ! Your hair reflects this loss of vitality and falls at a rate of one hundred a day, usually 60 a day. And you lose your hair density.

    The phenomenon is natural, no panic, this hair loss doesn't last more than 3 months. Otherwise, this is the sign of an underlying problem and would need a medical consultation.


    The solutions

    Taking the lead in taking food supplements is today one of the easiest solution and indeed one of the most effective. It is recommended to use professional products because they are the results of the research of great laboratories. In general, your nutritional supplements must be composed of vitamins B5 and B6, sulfur amino acids, magnesium, silicon, taurine and green tea.

    In short, everything that stimulates the micro circulation giving the bulb all the nutriments essential for the production of new hair. The food hygiene is also very capital. Regarding the prevention, all specialists agree that two 3 months treatments a year are effective. The recommended periods to start the programs are mid-February and mid-August. Boosted by these vitamins, your hair will resist better Spring and Autumn.

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