• The mullet haircut like Bowie version 2.0

  • The Rock icon disappeared but his influence didn’t! David Bowie’s style inspired many fashion houses, hairdressers, music artists… This Autumn-Winter will be devoted to an unexpected but revisited haircut: the mullet haircut!

    Daphné Malan

  • The mullet haircut, a unique style

    This is not an expected haircut but whether we like it or not, the mullet haircut will impose itself this Autumn-Winter but in a version 2.0. 

    No, ladies, you are not going to ask your favorite hairdresser a rough mullet haircut. This haircut from the eighties seems difficult to wear nowadays but it evolved with time. It is even a trompe l’œil and is very feminine.

    It will be completely revisited by some renowned hairdressers. Come on ladies, let's try it!

  • The interpretation of the hairdressers

    The best of Bowie's hairstyle is its 2 in 1 side. You have the possibility to revisit it in a different way as you can see with Vania Laporte or Sophie Bauçais. Christophe Gaillet emphasizes the thinned out side of the haircut, adorned with a few pastel strands. The same with Jean-Claude Biguine with its layered haircut.

    As for the hairdressers ambassadors L’Oréal Professionnel, the lengths on the neck are accentuated, the haircut is different based on a long bob. For a trompe l’oeil effect, the sides are flattened and the top of the head is voluminous interpreted by Christine Margossian, Laetitia Guenaou, la Maison Gérard Laurent and Jérôme Guezou.

    Nadia Bouchickhi, hairdresser Wella Professionals, gets away from its collection Ice and proposes a different version which highlights the roots effect with a polar blond haircolor. Jérôme Guezou also focused on this contrast.

    Who will dare to wear this revisited Bowie’s hairstyle?


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