• Hairgum sharpens up your beard game

  • Hairgum has just enlarged its creation-diffusion section by launching a special range for the beard. The Barber range is aimed primarily at professionals. Focus on this new range.

    Claire de Saint Lunaire

  • Hairgum designed four products rich in natural ingredients or from organic agriculture. Most of the products contained shea butter and mint extracts in order to respect skin sensitivity but also to moisturize and refresh.

    In order to meet hairdressers and barbers’ expectations, these four products are now proposed to professionals : a beard soap, a shaving cream, an after-shave balm and wax for mustache.

    At home, men with a growing beard or a thicker one should use a shampoo and a care oil.

    The ritual is not very complicated one must follow the following steps.

    First, application of a beard soap before shaving.  This soap enables to prepare the skin and the beard for shaving. It aims at softening the hair in order to obtain a smooth and comfortable shave. It is applied with a wet shaving brush to obtain a creamy foam.

    For sensitive skins, it is recommended to use a shaving cream. Moisturizing and nourishing, it reduces irritation.  Composed of jojoba oil and coconut oil, it is perfect for very sensitive skins.


    After shaving, the after-shave balm moisturizes and soothes. Composed of macadamia oil, panthenol and avocado oil but also shea butter, aloe vera, mint extracts, provitamins B5, this cocktail restores elasticity and softness to the skin after shaving. 


    At home, the special bear oil, daily applied, aims at nourishing the hair to obtain a soft and glistening beard. This oil is rich in nine oils with different virtues. A few drops of it are applied and spread on the beard.


    Finally, a beard also needs a shampoo. For that, the special beard shampoo rich in wheat proteins and menthol enables to gently wash the beard while hydrating it.  Like a shampoo, it is applied on wet hair and is combed before rinsing.


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