• A beauty selection, all prices, for Valentine’s Day

  • Happy Valentine!

  • Happy Valentine!
  • 1. Sephora - Be Atomic*
    Love Box

    Please or be pleased? ¡The alchemy is perfect with this Lovebox with a sensual perfume which is aptly named! ¡Have a warm bath, relax and seduce him!

    This gift box specially designed for Valentine's Day contains:

    A foaming a bath shower gel in limited edition, cotton flower fragrance - 260 ml

    A body puff

    A cleansing hand cream in limited edition, cotton flower fragrance - 240 ml

    Price : 14, 95 €

  • 2. Aubade

    A lingerie harmony with powdered coumarin touches which go with the crunchy side of the bergamot. Then it reveals a palpitating heart of white flowers, magnolia, Jasmin and roses. Deep inside, deliberately voluptuous, a fragrance between vanilla and white musk. A light and sensual perfume for her.

    On sale in the approved depositories, the stores Aubade

    And on the e-store www.parfumsaubade.com

    OPIUM Eau de Parfum 50 ml : 42 Euros
    OPIUM Eau de Parfum 100 ml : 59 Euros

    Body milk 150 ml : 19 Euros

  • Happy Valentine!
  • Happy Valentine!
  • 3. Valérie Valentine

    Very thin Heart Barrette - Permanent collection

    Very thin red leather Barrette, pattern Heart adorned of crystal diamond Swarovski tone on tone. Made in France

    Recommended price : 42 €

  • 4. Ideecadeau.fr

    Body eatable ink, strawberry flavor
    Permanent collection
    Eatable ink with its silicon feather. Without paraben or additives.

    Content : 50 ml
    Several available perfumes

    Recommended price : 19,90 €

  • Happy Valentine!
  • Happy Valentine!
  • 5. Valérie Valentine

    Headband double Poppy
    Permanent collection

    Double plunged lamb headband and crystal Swarovski.

    Recommended price : 117 €

  • 6. Dolce & Gabbana

    The One

    The One is an exceptional perfume. Like its icons Scarlett Johansson and Gisèle Büdchen, muses Dolce & Gabbana, natural women, sensual and mischievous, who show desire. Floral and fruited mixture, this iconic perfume opens up with notes of bergamot, mandarin, litchi and peach but also white Lily, vanilla, amber and musc, illustrating the uniqueness and the refinement of this perfume. You said The One?

    Eau de parfum 30 ml - 59 € / 50 ml - 70 € / 75 ml - 105 €

  • Happy Valentine!
  • Happy Valentine!
  • 7. Parfums d'Orsay

    Le Chevalier d’Orsay

    Combining notes of lemon, nutmeg, Black pepper, Musc and  Patchouli

    We fall for this elitist eternal perfume, softly spiced which affirms its classic elegance and its masculine strength. Like its friends Berlioz, Alfred de Vigny or even Lamartine, le Chevalier d’Orsay knew how to leave a breathe of romanticism. An olfactory wink to offer to the one who loves the rare fragrances.
    100ml - 88 € / 500 ml - 252 €


  • 8. L'Artisan Créateur

    Men Collection beard and moustache comb
    Theme Geek
    Comb with the shape of a French moustache.
    The horn comb doesn’t break the hair fiber and doesn’t make any static electricity.
    Dimensions: 10 X 4.2 cm
    Weight: 14 gr
    Available colors: black or white
    Model of the range Geek : the Phone small model, the glasses, the French moustache, the moustache Mario.

    Recommended price : 50 €

  • Happy Valentine!
  • Happy Valentine!
  • 9. Calvin Klein

    Revisiting one of its greatest success, CK One was born in 1995. It embodies the aspirations of youth and the idea that life is more exciting with another person. This new edition adopts a flask with a classic silhouette, with transparency, to which men and women can identify themselves. Its surprising small bottle, designed to have the head down or UP, remains on a solid steel base made of Surlyn®, an unbreakable material, perfect for the hipsters like the adventurers ! Regarding fragrance, we like its notes of wasabi, iris essence and absolute rose contrasting with the magnetism of incense and sandalwood with vetiver. Fresh and sensual, a classic one which smells the spirit of the times. 

    10ml – 19,90 €
    30ml – 39,95 €

    50 ml – 54, 90 €

  • 10. Phytomer Rasage Perfect

    On 14th of February, this is also the opportunity to give up the Hispster style to be a Gentleman! Shave this beard that will disappear with that new shaving care product. Its two in one action facilitates the passage of the razor but is also a real hydrating  and detoxifying care product thanks to its main active element : The Oxhylium. The skin is radiant, very soft, perfect accomplice of sweet kisses!
    Price: 22,55€


  • Happy Valentine!
  • Happy Valentine!
  • 11. Tangle Teezer

    Men's Compact Groomer
    Detangling brush for men

    A magic brush for men which is used for male chignons, sideburns and beards. It detangles and smooths the hair like the beards and the moustaches. Your lover will be seduced by its male design with a smooth and mat texture, its slate-grey color and its chrome aspect. Its compact format will seduce men of all kinds!
    Price: 16, 50 €

    Web exclusivity on www.sephora.fr

  • 12. Sephora   

    My beautiful face, I take care of it 
    Box with beauty products

    The name of the box made us smile, also the price. A box with complete and effective face products containing 4 indispensable face daily products.


    This box contains :

    - 1 Invigorating face cleansing product (100 ml)
    - 1 Face exfoliating cleansing product (75 ml)
    - 1 Comfortable shaving foam (50 ml)
    - 1 Anti-fatigue hydrating gel (50 ml)

    Price: 27, 95 €

  • Happy Valentine!


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