• How to take care of your fringe?
  • How to take care of your fringe?

  • The fringe temptation… On long hair or mid-length hair, a fringe can change your haircut without changing everything, it hides the small wrinkles of the forehead - don’t lie, everybody already thought about it! - and adds this very frenchy touch. You really want a fringe and you don’t take the step when you think how difficult it is to take care of it... Don’t hesitate anymore, Live coiffure gives you its tips for a perfect fringe! No problems anymore, just solutions!

    Marie Signoret

  • 1. My fringe curls / frizzes

    One word : blow-dry. After the shower, take the fringe apart and start with it before attacking the lengths. Blow towards the back to catch all the hairs even the small ones frizzing all the time. Then, bring the fringe at the front. Roll the fringe around the round brush, hair-drier perpendicular to the forehead. And here you have a beautiful style fringe! For a long-lasting effect, don’t hesitate to use a spray against humidity (and heat!) : the anti-frizz shine booster spray by Dessange.

    The morning, in case of rebellious fringe, wet your fringe again and have a blow-dry!

    2. My fringe gets greasy fast

    Having a fringe is complicated, we touch it all day long and it absorbs all the sebum produced by your forehead during the day. Bon appétit! We recommended you to stop manipulating your fringe and to adopt a face cream not too greasy. Apart from these small daily adaptations, we have the miraculous solution : Dry shampoo.

    3. My fringe falls into my eyes

    You must take care of your fringe, we warned you! In general, the recut is necessary every 3-4 weeks depending of your hair growth speed. It doesn't cost much if you go to your favorite hairdresser but if you are very busy and if your hair flexible and your fringe seems natural, you can play the sorcerer's apprentice!

    Use a comb and scissors. Be careful : your hair must be dry! On wet hair, you can have bad surprises once the hair is dry… Slide the comb until the desired position and cut the hair after the comb, little by little, with the end of the scissors.

    4. My fringe is too short

    Any people with a fringe has known this situation in front of the mirror : cutting too much at the hairdresser's or at home! Here you have a fringe too short - but not too short to be styled…Put your hats apart, there are other more aesthetics solutions while waiting for your fringe to grow again!

    First, let's admit it : a fringe grows up very fast! Your hair issues will not last more than a few weeks.
    Tip n°1 : Smooth the fringe as much as possible. Don’t use the round brush, no volume, use a straight brush. Tip n°2 : accessories! Wear your most beautiful headbands and flatten the top of your fringe.
    Tip n°3 : play with eyes and eyebrows make-up. Audrey Hepburn power!


    Crédit photo : Dessange

  • How to take care of your fringe?
  • How to take care of your fringe?


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