• I like my body.
  • I like my body.

  • Change skin ! Winter is arriving, this is what you need to do : Make things clear with the best exfoliation !

    Laure Delvigo

  • Get rid of your pumice stone and your ugly exfoliating glove ! To have a new skin without pain, the new exfoliating products arrived.

    Rich in essential oils and exfoliating small grains, they softly remove dead cells and impurity to leave a clear skin and to enable the other care products to better penetrate.

    It is recommended to apply them before the hair removal, in circular movements on wet skin or dry skin for greater efficiency, insisting on the parts of the body suffering of asperity and roughness: elbows, heels and knees.

    Once a week, between five and ten minutes, the skin is new again.

    And as there is no healthy body without a stable state of mind, these exfoliations rely on the aromatic virtues of plants to give us under the shower a delicious foretaste of the Garden of Eden. Close your eyes, breathe, rinse !

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  • I like my body.
  • RITUALS - Good Luck Scrub

    Rich in organic sugar, Sweet Orange, cedar and soothing oils, the mixture is soft and creamy, like a cake batter and leaves, after the shower, the skin very satiny.
    Apply in circular movements (in the clockwise direction) or always towards the heart, a symbol of luck and prosperity in Ancient China.
    A touch of happiness in your daily life !

    375 ml. 19, 50 €  www.eu.rituals.com


    Body Salt-cedar exfoliation

    Give strength and energy to your silhouette thanks to the Siberia plants with powerful regenerating and antioxidant properties ! Rich in cedar and Siberia salt, this salt-exfoliation smooths the skin and activates blood circulation for a Russian top model silhouette !

    Exclusively available in Monoprix from 1st  december 2015.

    350 ml -22,50 €  www.naturasiberica.ru


  • I like my body.
  • I like my body.
  • BAIJA - Nuit à Pondichéry

    As soon as you open this elegant little glass bottle, we are seduced by its divine perfume with natural extracts of Lotus and ginger with tonifying virtues. Its exfoliating sugar grains revive the skin radiance. A strong scrub with dead cells but very soft. So addicted !

    All the Baïja products are available in spas, beauty centers, perfume shops and on the website.

    212ml, 26€90 www.baijashop.com

    It does exist in discovery size 70ml, 10€90.


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