• cheveux protection solaire
  • In summer, protect your hair with these 7 golden rules easy to apply easily!

  • Impossible to resist summer! Sun, beach, swimming pool… nothing better to get your fill of vitamins D and to make the most of your holiday. Who said that the sun was only an enemy for your hair?

    We tend to forget that it contributes to the intake of the vitamin D and strengthens the hair by fixing the calcium on the hair fibers. Also, it stimulates blood circulation enabling a better irrigation of the scalp and accelerates the hair growth. Who doesn't like these natural highlighting effects?

    Cécile Garrett

  • Sun, sand and sea… What are the effects on your hair?

    In small doses, the sun is our ally. However, it also contains UV rays which can destroy your hair by making it dry and dull. They attack the pigment and the keratin of the hair and results in natural highlights which are a sign of dryness.

    Add the sand, the sea the salt or the chlorine and here you have the perfect recipe to destroy your hair! All these elements damage and dry the scalp. They even modify the pH which may result in the apparition of dandruff and toxins damaging the roots and smothering the hair which then becomes finer and more fragile.

  • Protection des cheveux
  • We love summer...but not without protection!

    Did you get the message? No panic, we gives you our golden rules to have a relaxed summer and to protect your hair from these inconveniences with these adapted hair cares.

  • protection des cheveux
  • RULE n°1 : Adopt hair cares from the first exposures to sun

    Protect your hair with specific hair cares! Dry natural Hair oil or sprays will seduce you and protect your hair. Our advice: repeat the application every two hours and after bathing for a long lasting hair protection.

    RULE n°2 : Protect your hair with hair cares

    The sun protection products also exist for hair! Fall for the hair anti UV gels and creams; they will be your ally this summer.

    RULE ule n°3 : Protect even more

    Avoid to expose your dream hair between 12h and 16h. The trick: Be elegant and adopt a hat or a light headscarf which are very fashionable accessories this season and will help your hair to breath and to be protected.

  • RULE n°4 : Try hair care tricks which will protect your hair

    Don't make your hair wet too many times; humidity makes it even more vulnerable. Towel-dry your hair or adopt a protective hairstyle (and fashionable!).

    RULE n°5 : Apply hair cares after the exposure

    Rinse your hair with fresh water after each each exposure. Twice a week, use anti-UV mild shampoos and conditioners, Sodium Laureth Sulfate and silicon free which damage the hair and the scalp. Finish the hair cares with a serum or an adapted mask and leave it for 5 minutes.

    RULE n°6 : Have vegetable oil baths

    If you have damaged and dry hair, have a vegetable oil bath to apply on the lengths and the ends with a towel. Leave it all night long and wash your hair with nutritive and protective products and hair cares the next day. Our advice: adopt the oil baths occasionally(maximum once a week).

    RULE n°6 : Treat yourself!

    Everything is good against the dry hair effect. The hair protection also goes with a healthy diet and a frequent hydration. Don't forget to drink and treat yourself with food rich in carotene and vitamin A (fishes, fruits and orange vegetables…) which help to filter the sun.


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