• Interview. Exclusive conference of Doug Schoon in Marseille on 1 and 2 October.

  • Doug Schoon, a scientist internationally recognized is also a writer and a instructor with 30 years experience in cosmetics, beauty and personal care industry. The association Nail Art France receives him for the first time in France, in Marseilles, on 1 and 2 October for two exceptional days. You are a beauty professional, don’t miss this unique event!

    Sara Svati

  • Could you describe yourself in a few words?

    Doug Schoon : I am a scientist recognized worldwide, a renowned chemist for more than 30 years, I specialize in the study of nails, natural or artificial. I am also an expert regarding the products and the materials relating to this field  and regarding the manicure care products offered in the beauty parlours. I am the co-president of the Conseil de Fabricants d’Ongle (Council of nail makers) and director of Conception d’Ongle Créative et Scientifique (creative and scientific nail conception). Also expert in the criminal matters, several doctors, dermatologists and podiatrists regularly consult me to write their articles, books or medical publishing.

  • Interview. Exclusive conference of Doug Schoon in Marseille on 1 and 2 October.
  • Why did you decide to give this conference?

    Doug Schoon : Because for me, knowledge is the key to success! With false information and bad tools, your success will be limited. Without the right methods, you will not be able to start well, to develop yourself and to improve yourself!

    I give very few conferences, with a very pressing diary, but I chose to do it with you this year because sharing knowledge is essential. Generally, I organize meetings once or twice a year, very specific.

    For the first time in my career, I will have the pleasure to go to France, more precisely in Marseilles. My aim is to meet all the nail designers to share with them, to transmit my knowledge. I want to help them to better understand their products and their clients meeting their needs.

    But I especially want to help them to avoid problems and to meet challenges that any nail designer can face in their working life. The hairdressers can also be interested since I won the innovation award in 2015 with the product Olaplex which prevents hair whitening and repairs it thanks to the evolution of chemistry!

    The product can be applied at the same time of a haircolor or separately. I hope you will come to this conference to hear me!


    Who are the target of this conference and what is the aim?

    Doug Schoon : All the beauty professionals, of course! But not only...Doctors, chemist, hairdressers, trainers, school teachers, journalists… It is especially a meeting for all the people working in the nail field : in a salon, training, supply, sale or manufacture. I would like to actualize your knowledge and your know-how thanks to my experience.
    It is common to rely on information your learned at school but which is no longer relevant today. And the Internet doesn’t help because even if it is a tool which provides many data, the web becomes also the biggest source of desinformation! You will be able to ask questions and I will be able to answer them very clearly.

    You will see that before attending the conference you will already have many questions but after hearing me on the subject you will have even more questions to ask! A “face to face” exchange and 3D animations on a big screen will also be offered.

  • Conférence 1er et 2 october 2016
    at the hotel Novotel Prado in Marseille
  • Reserve your place now with the association Nail Art France
    before 30 April to have a promotional price.

    Registrations must be made by mail : associationnailartfrance@gmail.com

  • Interview. Exclusive conference of Doug Schoon in Marseille on 1 and 2 October.
  • Association Nail Art France
    Présidente Cécilia Gimenez
    7, rue du Vercors


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