• Interview of Aurélien Bru who reveals his last creations.
  • Interview of Aurélien Bru who reveals his last creations.

  • Aurélien is not even 20 years old but he does his job with a great maturity. Cinema lover, his last men and women collections are a nod to his passions. Meeting with this young man!

    Sara Svati

  • Livecoiffure : Could you tell us about your last men and women collections?

    Aurélien Bru : I chose to call my last women collection Revival. I called it this way because I really tried to obtain visuals that people are not used to see. I often created buns and curls and for this reason I wanted to do something original.

    I wanted something completely new. The men collection Confident refers to James Dean, an actor that I love. I wanted to show with my model Giovanni Bonamy, that men of today want to take care more and more of themselves.

    I wanted to highlight this fact with my model.

  • Interview of Aurélien Bru who reveals his last creations.
  • Livecoiffure : Where do you get your inspiration?

    Aurélien Bru : At the beginning, this series was created for the contest Style Masters by Revlon for the category Young talents. Unfortunately, I wasn’t chosen but it was very enriching for me to practice. I could break my habits and get away. This contest asked for three types of visuals : editorial, commercial and avant-garde. Regarding the editorial visual, I was inspired by Calvin Klein visuals. Regarding the commercial one, I wanted to have a couture, wavy spirit following tendencies very demanded in salon at the moment.

    Regarding the avant-garde visual, it is a universe I’ve never touched and I took inspiration from the person who advices me and support me every day : Céline Antunes. To create the structure which is mixed with the hair, the wedding dress of the main character Katniss Everdeen in Hunger Games was my source of inspiration. Regarding the men shooting,

    I wanted Giovanni to show self confidence. Small anecdote, thanks to my uncle Mickael who worked hard to obtain this superb vintage Viper, I was lucky to have it for the shooting and the video. The black and white adds a chic and old touch to the content. The music in my video was chosen by my photographer.

    I gave him just one indication “ James Dean “ and I was very happy about the result because for me this soundtrack is both “ roots “ and very classy.


    Livecoiffure : Could you explain us briefly how you “technically” proceeded to create your hairstyles?

    Aurélien Bru : For the men collection, I did my undercut side by starting with 2 millimeters with the clippers to create a line, the rest was layered with comb/scissors thanks to theAccro Z Mizutani. Regarding the hairstyle, I created curls with a small iron. After, I backcombed and created the waves on the top of the head to obtain this graphical square side.

    Regarding women collection, with the editorial visual, I created a tartan with hair ties and the model’s hair. Regarding the commercial visual, I created a bunch of curls with the smallest iron then I brushed and backcombed her hair to create waves.

    Regarding the avant-garde visual, I created “bowls of hair” that I cut and painted with mat white powder. Regarding the overlapped structure, thanks to the help of my sister-in-law Gabrielle who studied art, she could share my knowledge and we collaborated to create this texture with a white glue gun.

    Regarding the commercial visual, I wanted to work in universes that I really like : glamour and elegance. To do so, I learned a lot from Céline Antunes’s visuals but also from Christophe Gaillet, two great artists that I admire.

    Through these creations, I wanted to say to young people that they must always believe in their dreams and that they can't give up because hairdressing is the best job in the world. I am planning to perform my first Workshow with Mizutani Scissors France in April in order to participate to the Hair Congress Alexandre Serio.

  • Mannequin : GIOVANNI BONAMY
    hair & Barber : AURELIEN BRU
    make up : CATHY BULTEAU
    photographe & video : ALEXIS SALGUES
    stylisme : ROBIN TAUER ( collection "Beat James")’
  • Interview of Aurélien Bru who reveals his last creations.
  • Interview of Aurélien Bru who reveals his last creations.
  • Interview of Aurélien Bru who reveals his last creations.
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  • Women collection Aurélien Bru


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