• Interview of Yann Turchi, winner of the final Jeunes Talents at the show Probst
  • Interview of Yann Turchi, winner of the final Jeunes Talents at the show Probst

  • Reflecting the current times, Yann Turchi, 23 years old, won this year the competition Jeunes Talents in Luxembourg. This dynamic hairdresser doesn’t hesitate to follow his dreams! With passion, he tells us about his profession and his creations.

    Sara Svati

  • Livecoiffure : Could you sum up your career in a few words?

    Yann Turchi : I started hairdressing when I was 19 years old after a general baccalaureate. I was lost, I didn’t really choose my future profession so I tried hairdressing. I used to style a few friends of mine and so I passed my CAP (NVQ) in one year. I wanted to do this profession because I am a manual, creative person. I like innovating! I started my career at Image Century for 3 years then I was lucky to integrate Toni & Guy in Paris. I then went to Lorraine where Claude Tarantino took me under his wing. I finally had success in London at Saco Hair to finish today in Luxembourg where I have been a barber hairdresser for one year at Ferber Hair & Style.


    Livecoiffure : You also won the competition Jeunes Talents at the show Probst in Luxembourg, could you tell us more about it?

    Yann Turchi : Regarding the preparation, I was very busy, I put my hairstyles up at the last minute. Let’s say that I was already in my head one week in advance but I still had to do it! I worked very hard every night, that week was very difficult!

  • Interview of Yann Turchi, winner of the final Jeunes Talents at the show Probst
  • But my masks, postiches and the colors had to be done! The event in itself was pretty relaxed and 10 minutes before going on stage I was very nervous. I was very stressed and once on stage, the pressure went away! I was very focused on my work during the whole show and the time went very fast! It's only in the end of my performance that I realized that I’ve just performed in front of 600 people.
    Livecoiffure : Where do you get your inspiration to create your hairstyles?
    Yann Turchi : The inspiration comes from the world around me. If I chose the gas masks, it was to represent pollution. I think that we are harassed by the news conveyed by the media, economy, work, the crisis, war, the air of gloominess. I wanted to explain all of that through these creations.
    Apart from the gas masks, I still wanted to add a ray of hope, positive waves with bright colors. Colored hair contrasts with the dark side of the mask. I wanted to transmit a very essential message for me : I wanted to show my creativity in an anarchist theme with always a ray of hope.
    I took a big risk because Luxembourg is very conservative, with, most of the time, a very classic point of view. By presenting my avant-garde hairstyles, I thought that it would make or break! And finally, I don’t regret anything because I had fun and people saw it.

    Livecoiffure : Last question, what are your plans for this year?
    Yann Turchi : I would like to keep developing my personal image and the group for whom I work Ferber Hair & Style. I’m gonna keep providing trainings “men haircuts techniques and beard shaving”. I also do many shootings to have visuals in order to keep record of what I do. I would like to participate to a few contests, particularly the Hairdressings awards.
    Last year, I was a finalist but this year I want to win, I will do it! I am also going to prepare my future hairstyles to open the show Probst of the next year. And of course, keep improving my career ![laughter]
    Livecoiffure : A last message to transmit?
    Yann Turchi : I would like to say to all the hairdressers of France and in other countries who are very passionate about art or want to show their talent, to not lose hope and to keep going, to give the best of themselves and to not be afraid of working long hours. We need to today to re-establish the prestige of hairdressing. I am sad because many salons struggle to win the loyalty of their clients.
    They can’t give up and must always give the best of themselves, to be always more creative to honor this profession and to surprise their clients. I would like that the public forgets the image of the “simple hairdresser, a bit stupid. “
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