• Jean-Marc Joubert

  • Since his first salon in 1985, Jean-Marc Joubert, opened 15 others among which 7 in Paris and 9 in Poitou-Charente. A major success for this native of Poitou who hasn’t forgotten his origins at the had of a group which is now very renowned in the hairdressing field.

    Diane de La Tour

  • A success partly due to a strategy of diversification. As a matter of fact, the group admits two salons under the name of Gilles Boldron. Specialized in afro hair, these two salons are run by a hairdresser from Martinique who learned the technique in the United States in a beauty salon specialized in curly hair.

    Arthur et Axel is the name of three other salons which offer lower fares. Specialized in hair color, these salons use and sell their own products.

    In 2011, the group created its own brand: Jean-Marc Joubertcoloriste, sold in supermarkets. Designed for professionals, Jean-Marc Joubert Paris, is composed of 85 references.

    The group is also specialized in training courses via its Academy. A beautiful shop window situated in a Parisian artery, rue du Louvre, designed to transmit the haircut method and the hair techniques of the group.

  • Signature haircut

    Inspired by English culture in terms of hairdressing, Jean-Marc Joubert, the professional hairdresser likes to surprise and to provoke.
    This season, he focuses on flamboyant ginger. A come-back combining rock hairstyle with Jackie Kennedy’s style, his signature creation of this Spring is composed of a unique wave. A simplified wavy style on a hair length which is not short nor long, in the spirit of the sixties. A length easy to style, which can be shortened with an increase of the volume. It can also be destructured.
    A classic hairstyle revisited with success: the lengthened bob. A masterpiece.


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