• Lizzy Jagger, rebellious muse for Redken

  • After having paraded for Lancôme, Burberry or even Thierry Mugler and Vivienne Westwood, the scandalous Lizzy Jagger was chosen to highlight her beautiful red hair. With her long fire hair, Lizzy Jagger is the perfect incarnation of Redken’s spirit. Since one month, the “it-model” joined the clan of Redken’s muses, with Suki Waterhouse and other famous models like Maria- Carla Boscono, Lea T, Soo Joo Park or Crystal Renn.

    Laure Delvigo

  • Model, actress and producer, Elisabeth Scarlett Jagger has a strong personality. Daughter of the famous model of the seventies, Jerry Hall and of the leading singer of the Rolling stones, Mick Jagger, Lizzy Jagger shows a unique and very rock beauty like her parent's. Long hair, beautiful lips and professionalism are her trademark apart from her strong personality. She was in the heart of a few scandals: Lizzy Jagger is said to have participated to a fight during the birthday of her 18 year old sister Giorgia May and to be filmed while having sex with her ex-boyfriend in front of the surveillance cameras in a club in London. So rock’n roll!

    Thanks to this very eccentric attitude, the New York brand didn’t hesitate to trust Lizzy Jagger with the promotion of its new range of beauty products and hair care products. “I am extremely honored to be part of Redken’s family. I love participating to shooting. It is always a great pleasure for me to work with Guido”, Guido Palau, Redken's famous artistic director, Lizzy Jagger said.

    Lizzy Jagger can be distinguished from the other models thanks to her red ginger hair. Her long red hair has been a trademark for a few years. For Redken, she is now the ambassador of the new technology Heatcure Professionnal, a service exclusively available in hairdressing salons which instantly regenerates the texture and the aspect of damaged hair for a result lasting up to 10 shampoos. With her ruby hair, Lizzy Jagger will also be the ambassador for the range Heat Styling de Redken, a range of thermo-active products which guarantees the protection of the hair and the duration of the haircolor especially when using hair irons. Redken and Lizzy Jagger a very hype tandem to be followed on the social networks!


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