• Male hair implants: The 2016 solution for baldness


    Hair loss is a huge concern for men. The brand BYSIX has created for you gentlemen a solution:hair implants for men! This is the solution for those struggling against baldness. We interviewed Sébastien Cochard, the founder of the brand.


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  • Livecoiffure : Hair loss is a genuine fear for men, is this the reason why you started this venture?


    Sébastien Cochard : I myself was a victim of hair loss when I was 16 years old, I know it is difficult to live with. I was an actor and appearance was very important in my profession. When I was 21 years old, I got sick of it and I decided for the first time to use hair implants for men. I wasn’t very satisfied, the quality wasn't very good and it was very expensive. At the time, I posted with my colleague Nicolas a video online which explained hair implants for men- different from the wig- this technique could potentially become more popular.

    Thousands of viewers saw the video so Nicolas (partner and current manager of the company BYSIX) and I thought that we could develop our own range of hair implants for men.


    We worked for about a year and a half to become familiar with the hair implant techniques, the manufacturing techniques, etc. We searched for skillful technicians and we were instantly surrounded with a very good team. While some hair implants for men cost between 600- 15 000 Euros, we wanted to offer something better quality at a lower cost in order to offer an effective solution for baldness.

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    Livecoiffure : What is your hair implant made of ?

    Sébastien Cochard : Depending on the different products, the hair implants for men are not created in the same way. We have a classic hair implant with the base made of tulle with very fine meshs and is micro-perforated.




    Each hair is implanted by hand by our technicians making small knots which are then whitened so the result is as natural as possible.

    More recently, we developed a hair implant made of nano skin. The ultra HD is made of polyurethane – a laminated base - with a transparent result. A special resin is used to fix the supplement and so its base disappears hidden by the hair on the skull.



    Livecoiffure : You offer a complete range of hair implants for men, could you tell us about it?

    Sébastien Cochard : We have an infinite choice of hair implants for men: for wavy, curly hair, straight hair, etc… We also have a color chart which enables our clients to choose the most appropriate color for their specific hair type. In addition, we are going to develop this month our own fixing products like the adhesive resin and also maintenance products to take care of your hair implants.

  • Livecoiffure : What is the process to create a personalized hair implant for men?


    Sébastien Cochard : We have 2 options: Implanted by hand in India, we have some hair implants for men ready for months and available immediately. The tailor-made hair implant takes a bit more time but anything is possible. For example, if i have a client with dark, frizzy hair but with some grey hairs we can recreate both colors at the client’s discretion. You can also choose the implant style and the frontal edge that suits you best. You can choose a base made of micro skin with a very natural effect thanks to the injection of hairs directly in the base (no knots).



    The hair implant will merge with the rest of the natural hair. In terms of length we have a 15cm base for men and we even have 50cm hair implants for women (although there not many wearing them). We can also re-cut at the client’s request.


    I recommend you try Ultra HD, it is one of the last generations of base which offers a very thin material (between 0,003 and 0,006mm thick), and surprisingly good results in terms of both texture and appearance. The inconvenience of this very thin hair implant is the duration (generally 2 months). Although, it is possible to preserve it longer.


  • Livecoiffure : What daily hair products are required to maintain the hair implants?

    Sébastien Cochard : Given that a hair implant is made of natural hair, you must take care of it in the same way you care for natural hair.

    Classic shampoo every 2 days, 1 or 2 applications of hair conditioner if you want to. You don’t need a specific brand. We made a video to show clients how to preserve the hair implant.

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  • Livecoiffure : Could you tell us about your hair implant “ Fine HD ”?


    Sébastien Cochard : First, we are going to change the name! [laughter] Many people think that this new hair implant is very thin but it is not! This one is created in a tulle base which is much more resistant. With the Fine HD, the hair implant lasts 6 to 8 months. It depends on each user and on the acidity of their sweat. For a better result, you must not forget to take care of it every 3 weeks.


    In terms of the price the available “basic” hair implant, whatever the color and the time of delivery, costs between 200-230 Euros. Regarding the tailor-made hair implant, it depends on the person but it generally varies between 300-320 Euros. This is less expensive and less painful than the standard hair implant which costs approximately 8000 Euros!


  • Livecoiffure : Where can you find the hair implants for men?

    Sébastien Cochard : Thanks to the online shop you can order your own hair implants and receive personalized advice to help to choose the best solution for your baldness. Let us help you and say goodbye to your baldness or any other hair complex!

    We do delivery everywhere in France, in Belgium, in Mexico...and recently we have entered into partnerships with official centers which buy the hair implants for men and non-official individuals like home hairdressers.



    Hair By Six

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