• Maria Rosa

  • At the head of a salon which employs five people in a small city in Moselle, Maria Rosa, is now renowned. Queen of the social networks, the young hairdresser shakes the hairdressing world up admiring the visionary hairdressers and imposing her own style.

    Claire de Saint Lunaire

  • The Youtube followers enjoy her expert advice in terms of hairstyles and haircolor.

    On Facebook, the clients of the salon are photographed for an audacious and sometimes surprising before after. Her and her team received many good comments.

    Maria Rosa likes her salon, her female clients and her male clients. Men are also welcomed. Her inspiration comes from all of that, especially her salon in Spicheren.

  • Last winter, she even had a press kit signed by a big professional of the field: Daniel Pister. It was the opportunity to reveal her colorist talents. The blond color of the model was revived in a very natural spirit. Regarding the hairstyles, they were addressed to the active woman but also to the ones who dream to be the most beautiful ones the time of a night.

    The Spicheren’s salon can be proud of its reputation in terms of ceremony hairstyles but also in terms of make over. Nice prices, good team, festive atmosphere, Maria Rosa knows how to win the loyalty of her clients who sometimes come from far to have optimal results and a very relaxed moment.

    COPPERTOUCH Collection

    Maria Rosa bets on warm shades this Spring. The ginger color is the star this season. You can find it in different shades in order to highlight each face. The favorite one is the soft copper tone which goes with a warm brown tone. This result enhances the complexion with a makeup effect highlighting the color of the eyes. Regarding the hairstyle, the mid-length hair is adorned by a natural undulation, light during the day and more intense for the night. The hair can be loose, in a half ponytail, in a bun or even in a ponytail for a younger effect. As for the braid, it adorns the French twist this season. All of that made by Maria Rosa, 28 years old. What an artist!

  • Maria Rosa Coiffure
    24 C Rue Nationale - Spicheren, Lorraine, France
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