• Meeting with Nicolas D'Eurveilher, hairdresser barber in Nîmes and ambassador Keune!
  • Meeting with Nicolas D'Eurveilher, hairdresser barber in Nîmes and ambassador Keune!

  • Meeting with Nicolas D'Eurveilher, hairdresser barber in Nîmes and ambassador Keune!
  • He has ginger hair, a big beard, he is not Barbarossa but Nicolas D'Eurveilher, famous hairdresser and barber in Nîmes who receives his clients with enthusiasm in his salon Félix D. Ambassador Keune, this passionate tells us about his career and reveals us his secrets to take care of his facial hair.

    Sara Svati

  • Livecoiffure: Why did you decide to be a barber ?

    Nicolas D' Eurveilher : Well actually this is a very funny anecdote! I had a classic training to become a hairdresser and then I found some old barber tools in the attic which belonged to my great-grandfather.
    I give that name to my salon with reference to him whose name was Félix. This motivated me to try, so I had trainings with barber masters !


    Livecoiffure : Could you explain us your work methods in Félix D. in Nîmes?

    Nicolas D' Eurveilher : I have an area completely dedicated to men where there is a traditional barber armchair, a basin with a mirror. The warm towel, the straight razor, the foam, the shaving brush, we straightaway make reference to old western movies and this reassures the clients. When we receive them, we have a ritual lasting about twenty minutes : preparation of the skin, application of the hydrating cream to soothe and avoid that the razor cuts too much : this is the most important part which is gonna determine a good or a bad shaving.
    Then we use the warm towel, we put oil before, during and after the cut to avoid the least prick and we finish with an alum stone.


    Livecoiffure: What do you think about this return to the traditional service, is it gonna keep working?

    Nicolas D' Eurveilher : Men really like this service because this is a full care and they don't have much apart from the hairdresser to make them attractive. Women, for example, can be helped by aesthetics, manicure, makeup...Going at the barber's, this a relaxing and escaping moment, this goes beyond the tendency.
    We live in an era where men take care more of themselves, this is not a fashion effect but this is an opportunity for most of them to associate their haircut with their beard and to go at the same place to have everything done in one go.

  • Meeting with Nicolas D'Eurveilher, hairdresser barber in Nîmes and ambassador Keune!
  • Livecoiffure : Right or wrong, all the hairdressers can pretend to be barbers ?

    Nicolas D' Eurveilher : False, this is not only my personal point of view but also the clients’! They are scared to go and see a real barber so imagine when it's not the case… It’s like everything, there are good and bad ones, the professionals who do that because it is fashion and those who really like their profession!
    Look, I was trained to be a barber before this tendency and I let my beard grow, this is a true story ! [laughter] more and more women become barbers, 85% of my trainees are barbers too! This can surprise some clients but they do that with passion and are conscientious. You know, this is one of my female trainee who takes care of my beard!


    Livecoiffure : What advice, as a professional, can you give to men to take care of their facial hair?

    Nicolas D' Eurveilher : First of all, don’t neglect the care product for your skin! Men tend to omit the preparation part which avoids having red patches and irritations. Three quarters of the clients shave after the shower without even using foam! I want to give trainings for particulars: What to do at home?  I would like to teach them the basis, to give them practical advice, shaving tricks, cut tricks... and I will see according to their desires. I listen to them, this is very important for me!


    Livecoiffure : How long does a service last for a beard cut or a shaving and what are your prices?

    Nicolas D' Eurveilher : During the first appointment, I take time to listen to the client, I examine his skin, the sensitivity then I do the ritual of 20 minutes that I was talking before. The cost is 15€ for the beard cut, depending of the time spent on it. Regarding the shaving, because we use more products and the surface to be treated is bigger and if we change blade during the shaving, all of this increases the price which is then about 23 €.
    The client must wait about one week before the appointment and we approximately have sixty beards to take care of in 6 days. We have faithful clients who make straightaway another appointment for the next time and the new clients who are curious and leave the salon smiling!

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  • Meeting with Nicolas D'Eurveilher, hairdresser barber in Nîmes and ambassador Keune!


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