• Men’s haircut: “Ici Londres”

  • The hairdresser barber living from London creates a stir this Spring with short beard cuts. The time of long beard for the hipsters is over. It seems that the beard like Steeve Job’s is becoming popular. The latter is more natural, even suggestive and almost nonexistent.

    Claire de Saint Lunaire

  • As for the hairstyle, the short hair trend is still very popular but can be lengthened in an Italian style: straight hair and slicked back on the top of the head. With a small change: the side parting is back. Still with straight hair on the skull. As for the temples, they are free: almost shaved.

    Summer men’s hairstyles seem to have taken inspiration within the City. Like another “Ici Londres”.

  • THE MODERN GENT By The Jacks of London Art Crew
    Hair: The Jacks of London Art Crew
    Photographer: Barry Makariou
    Products: Jacks of London The True Gent Range

  • Jacks ‘Battle of the Barnets’


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