• Men’s hairstyles: 2017 trends

  • The hairstyle of a man reflects more than his style but his real personality. So gentlemen, please try not to always follow the fashion trends or copy your best friend. An unadapted haircut will also change the way people look at you. You’re in luck because classic hairstyles are back but revisited.

    Claire de Saint Lunaire

  • With Jean-Louis David, the side fringe is highlighted. A hairstyle inspired from the eighties but more thinned out and goes very well with a beard.

    Saint-Algue revisits mid-length hair which is getting popular for a few months. Some strands reach the neck but without volume effect. The free forehead welcomes a few strands on each side. Ideal for sexy looks.

    Other trend by Fabio Salsa, the neck and the temples dressed with a tousled hairstyle. Ideal for men who want to have a short haircut but keep some lengths on the top of the face.

    Finally, the short haircut like Beatles in light version inspired Intermede. This hairstyle enables front, back or a side styling. The best way to change style according to your mood or the atmosphere.


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