• Teaser Ice Collection by Nadia BOUCHIKHI
  • Nadia Bouchikhi: emergence of a hidden talent!

  • Livecoiffure has been following Nadia Bouchikhi’s amazing career for about 2 years still unknown at the time. This hairdressing lover has beensurprisinG us over the months! Nadia surrounded herself with loved ones who believed in her and is very proud to see her own creations emerged. She tells us about her new projects and about her first collection called Ice.

    Daphné Malan

  • Livecoiffure: What a meteoric rise since 2 years, what happened?

    Nadia Bouchikhi:
    Thank you. Well I wouldn't say “ a meteoric rise”. I think that my career is simple. I have been passionate about my profession since I was a teenager and I have tried to make progress and to get better over the days. Life put people in our path who help us to surpass ourselves and to achieve projects.

    I am lucky to be immersed in a very active artistic world. I participated to many hairdressing shows and shooting. It is very stimulating and inspiring. For 2 years, things happened naturally and some projects set up.

    All of that requires time and work but when you love what you do, you loose track of time. I surrounded myself with professionals so the team work is very positive and beneficial.

  • Livecoiffure: What were your sources of inspirations to create your collection?
    Nadia Bouchikhi:
    The tendencies of this season Autumn Winter 2016/17 mix cold and warm colors but I was more inspired by the cold, hence the name of my collection.

    The pleasure of creating my first collection was a source of inspiration in itself. I am a curious person and I always look at what hairdressing professionals do.
    The professional work the others is very enriching: Crimped hair, XXL volumes, warm and cool tones, French twists, braids… I wanted to highlight, with a few pictures, the strong trends of this winter.


    Livecoiffure: What are your future projects for the next months?
    Nadia Bouchikhi:
    I started my own business last June and this is just the beginning of my project. During the future months, I am going to spend time to develop the concept that I want to put in place but it is still a bit early to give more details. In parallel, I am thinking about my next collection.


    Livecoiffure: Are you going to participate to some competitions?
    Nadia Bouchikhi:
    This would be very interesting but for the moment, I really want to focus on my project. Everything in its own time.


    Livecoiffure:  If the stage calls you one day, how would you react?
    Nadia Bouchikhi:
    I would be very surprised and very proud. I participated to many hairdressing shows. I like this atmosphere. I would react positively but with apprehension. I am used to the rhythm of photo studios. The stage is another artistic facet of our profession.
    I participated, in the backstage, to a show during the MCB 2015 and I loved this atmosphere. I felt the adrenaline and excitement. In the backstage, it is a lot of preparations and one day I would like to meet the challenge.


    Livecoiffure:  Last question, what does the brand Wella Professionals mean to you?
    Nadia Bouchikhi:
    I’ve been working for 6 years in a salon with the products of this brand. What I like, is that Wella professionals is a very innovative brand.
    There are always new products and it is always meeting the client's expectations. In the other hand, they like the artistic side of our profession and give us the technical and material resources to create amazing hairstyles. My daily life in salon enabled me to get better thanks to these high quality products (hair colors, styling product and treatments).


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